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Thread: Hey, I'm Ben

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    Default Hey, I'm Ben

    Just thought I'd introduce myself. My name is Ben and I'm 17. I am a TB. I'm very glad to have found a site that caters to TB as well as AB that is actually active. Hopefully now I can actually talk to some people about growing up as a TB without feeling incredibly awkward. I've been hoping to talk to others like me for years, so thank goodness it looks like it will finally happen.

    A little about myself, I'm from Vancouver and am really into music, both listening to it and writing/performing it. This is probably my largest passion right now. I also love a wide variety of sports.

    I hope to chat to some of you soon.


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    That's what we're here for. Non awkward conversations. Black people.

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    Thanks a lot. I'll definitely be posting as often as possible.

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    Hey Ben, welcome aboard. Hope you have fun here, we're a pretty fun bunch.


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    black people.

    And welcome, you seem to be a pretty cool guy.

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    Hiya Ben welcome to the site! I've seen you posting, I'm glad your staying active!

    What genres of music do you enjoy the most? I've been exploring a bit of rock, it's interesting!

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    I'm mostly into general rock music (lots of so called "classic rock" but modern stuff too), but I also love blues, folk and some jazz too. For what its worth, my favorite band by far is the Beatles. And yeah, I'm a singer/songwriter who loves to play guitar for hours a day. I love writing, recording and performing music.

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    *me congratulates baBBen on his choice of music*

    Haven't said hi yet, so hi.

    Really like what you have said around the site. And now, it would appear we share musical interests. I am a keyboardist. Hay, we could form an e-band :P

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    Default Hugz and welcome

    Welcome Ben

    Hope you enjoy your stay here, its a good place to chat,



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