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Thread: Diaper suggestions??

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    Default Diaper suggestions??

    I have been a DL for a few years now but have only tried Goodnites. I like them, but it is time for a change. I am 19 and still live at home. I want to try and buy some real diapers but I don't know what brand to get. I am 5'8 154 pounds and about a 30-32 inch waist. Would any kid/baby diapers still fit or would I have to go into Adult diapers? What kinds would you all suggest? I would have to buy them at a local store. I am not comfortable ordering anything online until I am out into the world on my own. I am looking forward to peoples suggestions.

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    While I haven't tried any baby diapers, I believe that Pampers Size 7 should fit you.

    It all depends on what you're looking for. If you're really into keeping that babyish feel, go with baby diapers. Otherwise, you might as well jump up to adult diapers or the size and comfort.

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    Go for Abenas! They are great. xpmedical has great prices if you wanna try them

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    You might "fit" into a Pampers Baby Dry 6 or Cruisers 7, but neither will be particularly comfortable. Both can stretch to a waist size of about 31" and to a length of about 21.5" (Cruisers "7" is equivalent to a 6 in any other diaper). I've seen people suggest that they can fit into these diapers while having waist sizes of up to 36", but I'll be blunt: I don't believe it. I've measured the diapers, and the current Cruisers 7 will not stretch that far, nor would the velcro hold if they did. You might be able to pin or staple them out past the edges of the velcro, but then that's taking some pretty serious liberties with the word "fit!" Even if you can velcro these around yourself as they are meant to be put on, the length will probably still be an issue; you may be wearing them around your hips more than around your waist.

    Just a word of caution!

    I use baby diapers myself, but I just pin them into my underwear. No real worries about the fit in my case!


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    I agree with dprdude, Abenas are great! I tried them once and I'm never going back! (Although I'd like to give the Bambino a try someday) I tried both the L3 and L4 diapers. I recommend for your size, getting the M3s because you get more quanity per bag and they are still thick and hold a good amount. But I think everyone should try the 4s at least once, I bought a case of 36 L3s recently and they are quite literally AMAZING! You literally don't have to worry about leaks, unless you aren't good at diapering yourself. This is the only diaper I know of that has some padding on the wings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsox2468 View Post
    I have been a DL for a few years now but have only tried Goodnites. I like them, but it is time for a change...
    *snickersnicker* No pun intended? :P

    Anyway, I'll say to you what I say to anyone with a reasonably slim waist who thinks baby diapers look cute: try them. They're cheaper than adult diapers, and if they DON'T fit you can use them as stuffers for adult diapers. If you're buying store brands (e.g. depends), you'll probly be needing stuffers anyway. So yeah, invest in a pack of Pampers size 6, see if they fit, and if they do, great, if they don't, you won't have wasted too much money.

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    Hi redsox,
    are you talking about disposables or real cloth nappies and pants? you're unlikely to find real cloth nappies in a store that would fit your waist, the same with vinyl pants.

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    I like Depends fitted diapers the most, however I haven't explored too many options, but they do have straps and they are crinkly and really absorbent.

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    I can't find anything better than depends fitted max protection in the stores, and baby diapers (even size 7) seem ridiculously small for me so I don't really bother with either at this point, but they're better than nothing of course! I also tried the biggest pull-ups available but as people pointed out they don't really "fit" in the proper sense of the word if you've got a waist size above 30" (I'm about 34" on a good day ). So yeah look forward to when you can order online. Too bad none of the online diaper sites seem to ship to PO boxes (that I've heard of), that would make things a lot easier for people in your situation...

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    I agree that the Depend Max Protection is the best thing you are going to find in a store. If you want to branch out and order some of the better ones online you can always get a PO box and have them delivered there. Then you can pick them up and get them in the house when no one is arround. It is an added expense, but may be the best solution to your current situation, in my humble opinion.

    Good Luck, and Happy Shopping.

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