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Thread: Vintage Laptop | Toshiba T3100e/40

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    Default Vintage Laptop | Toshiba T3100e/40

    I just got this sucker last night as a gift.

    What do? Should I sell it (is it even worth much?)? Or should I mod it and do something badass with it?

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    I say stick Crysis on it and see what happens - it looks beasty enough to play it!

    Honestly though, I'd either mod it to hold a PS1/N64/SNES etc. or keep it as it's a fairly cool thing to have in the attic!

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    Being the vintage fanatic that I am, I'd definitely suggest you to keep it the way it is! It looks mint!

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    I think it is good enough to run crysis two at around .1 FPS, as for what to do with it, mod it into a PS1 like eeyore said.

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