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Thread: Oops! it leaked.. now what.

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    Default Oops! it leaked.. now what.

    I know for most of us go out padded and do our everyday things. But there are days where that tape was not on right or wet a bit more then it could hold and oops it leaked.

    Now your so far away from home and well you have another fresh diaper that still not going to hide that wet spot. on your pants.

    So what are you going to do about it to hopefully not get embarrassed?

    I have had this happen to mean at least twice. The first time i was just shopping in town luckily wearing my jacket and it was a small dark spot so it was just a simple matter of wrapping my jacket around my waist and bam no one could see it. It was able to dry up before i was able to get home anyway.

    The second time was just slow rainy day driving to work. Having on cushies i thought they would be ok to wet. But instead of letting out slowly as i planed i flooded. (what makes it worse is that i was pointing up) since most it took a few second before i could fix myself. i already had a pretty big spot on the top of my pants and a bit on the bottom of my shirt. oh boy... the bad word come out of my mouth Lucky it was raining so what better excuse then say you was splashed by another car, and they took the bait!

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    i always carry a second pair of clothes around with me as a just in case
    the only 2 major times i leaked were
    1) school rugby match took a tackle around the waist area, the impact just emptied my bladder and the diaper exploded before leaking just got up and kept playing until halftime (about 5 minutes) and got changed into a new set of gear
    2) scuba diving, went to 50m (was on a trimix fill) and came up with one full diaper which leaked into my brand new othree dry suit (about 1000 worth of kit) I didn't know about it until i unzipped and got a whiff of it, luckly that was the on;y dive that day so i got some air freshener and the thingine from shoe boxes (fergort what they're called) to dry it out and get rid of the smell

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    Spill water on yourself, or some sort of drink. Dilutes the urine and the smell, and gives you a convenient excuse as to why your pants are wet. Also eliminates signature leakage marks.

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    I just sit and wait, and hope that the leak isn't too big or noticeable. I always wear dark pants when out too, as it tends to cover up the wetness/mess better.

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    Wear black pants! - a policeman once told me that his dark blue uniform trousers had saved him from embarrassment more than once when he had no opportunity to find a toilet in time when on duty. Also the leaks from diapers are not in the usual spot where a pee in your pants would show so it is easier to "pretend" you have sat in something. But from the examples given above I would say that the grade of diaper was insufficient for it's purpose. I know all sorts of considerations about the look and feel are important, but if you are going to use a diaper in public it is best to have something on that you can have confidence in.

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    Dark blue covers a multitude of sins. Do not wear beige. Its my pet hate color and it shows absolutely everything. I sometimes carry a large water bottle with me and if i leak i make the bottle leak and hold it very obviously and look cross. Not sure if i'm undiscovered but I feel better in myself. Girls are better at these things for obvious reasons.. why else do we carry such large handbags :O))

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    Don't you belive it ladybug, when I was in the UK armed forces I was known as the clumsiest soldier ever, I was forever knocking mugs of coffee or glasses of water or coke over my lap

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    you know, ive never had any problems with leaking in public, ive just had issues with leaking either when im in bed or just around the house

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    When i tend to wear in public, i tend to wear a couple of pairs of boxer shorts over the top of my diaper so if i spring a leak it helps to soak up the urine before it hits the trowsers im wearing.... Obviously this dosent help if its a big leak, i also tend to wear a pair of plastic pants when im in public.

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