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    Iím a new poster to this forum but am intrigued what others think. Iíve been a happy AB for years and Iíve even been lucky enough to have a few support boyfriends in the past and a understanding girlfriend who may think iím quirky but puts up with my interest.
    Iíve never considered myself attractive to women and yet love to be mothered as a baby. My point.. the other night i was enjoying a relaxing crawl and lie down on my mat (purpose made) dressed in diapers and my pink sleep suit with a dummy after having drunk a bottle of warm milk. My girlfriend came round unannounced. Normally i wouldnít have opened the door but she stood at the front door and rung my mobile explaining who it was and not to worry if i was getting ready for bed (she knows me well) anyhow. I did let her in and after her initial chuckle seeing me as i was she just wanted to sound off about her other half and told me to go back crawling on my mat. So there i was lying on my back sucking my dummy blissfully full of milk as she went on and on (and on) about her guy. She even made me another bottle as she fixed herself a drink. You have to picture the scene but she was wearing a relatively short skirt with heels having been out with said guy and as she walked about the room. I couldnít help look up her skirt and see her underwear. The first time i saw a flash I felt strangely odd but the second time not only did i feel very nice i also wet my diaper. I now realise not only do i enjoy being a baby on my back and crawling i also like looking up at women or men as if i was a baby. The fact that she didnt feel sexually awkward makes me feel even more innocent and comfortable. I know we all have our needs but i was keen to know if any other AB feels this way.

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    I'm a little confused, could you clarify what boyfriend/girlfriend means to you? As in romantic interests or literally a friend that is a boy or a girl?

    Anyway, as for your post, I would expect those of us who are non-sexual AB probably feel the same way with regression with a friend - if they are totally in the role then the caring behaviour should help the regressive feelings. Although, I only have my girlfriend (romantic interest) that knows about my ABDL, so the lines occasionally blur when I'm in diapers.

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    Wow, sounds almost like you're recounting a fantasy!

    I must say I do enjoy lying down and looking up at someone as they talk to me like a baby...

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    I like regressing and being a baby in front of my wife. It seems to make the experience more real, sharing it with another living person, instead of inside my mind.

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