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Thread: where to buy adult diaper cover

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    Default where to buy adult diaper cover

    Does anyone know of where I can buy a adult diaper cover like baby wear to cover there normal diaper with.

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    If you mean plastic/ rubber/ vinyl pants you can get them at a lot of web sites like xpmedical, fetware, plastic, etc. if you are looking for a more babyish print you can usually find a large selection of them on ebay or on sites like fetware and other on line sites that cater to people that want them. if you are looking for the latter ebay is going to be cheaper but usually a lesser quality of pant.

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    EBay sell plastic pants and diaper covers as far as I'm aware. Cost a lot though...

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    not plastic pant just a diaper cover like this it just velco over normal diaper so don't see it.

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    babylife check out the ones people are selling on ebay, also i recommend never grown up on etsy, they do have a lot of diaper covers on sale there, im not sure if theyre back from vacation yet but they do make nice ones

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    They are cheaper quality but I still have pretty good results from nicediaper in China. The front snap with leak guard works really good for me.

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