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Thread: How do you cry at will

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    Default How do you cry at will

    I think crying would be useful in age play. I've been upset lately and I don't really have the ability to cry and let it all out so i think some people will have some tips on how to.

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    Im not usually able to cry that easily myself so i dont really have any helpful tips to offer you.

    I do however think that the general enjoyment of ageplay would hinder your ability to cry.
    A lot of people would have to be genuinely upset about something so as to reduce themselves to tears. I guess if the person that was looking after you gave you some kind of punishment that you really didnt like (outside of the ageplay scenario) then it might be possible to cry over it. Then again maybe good acting skills could come into play
    I myself though wouldn't cry over anything even I was being told off!

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    Heh, I don't really have any tips on how to make yourself cry. I can make myself cry, if needed ( i used to be an actress) but when playing with Daddy I don't fake it. When I'm being little, when I'm regressed I actually can get upset very easily, and I'll start crying over the smallest things. I really can't help it it all, sometimes if I'm crying for a while I'll start to panic. It's really not fun, and sometimes it can be scary how easily I loose control.

    tl;dr , when you're ready to cry, you will. TB/ABs can be just like babies when they roleplay, They're all different, some are very fussy, some well behaved, others very needy and some play just well with others. If you already are feeling very upset, I think once you can regress enough to let your body actually relax (perhaps your bigself is interfering with crying) then you'll let it all out.

    I wish I could help more.


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    I guess being a girl kinda helps.. we are so more emotional. but for what its worth i have 2 suggestions. One rather sad.. but i think about a loved one who died. what they did what we did together etc add some suitable music and Im away. The other less sad method is to just get angry about anyone or something (i call it my tantrum) You've got to be in AB mode rather than mature adult mode and i realise i can scream and hey instant tears. Hope that helps. Just thought of ofone other... wet yourself when not wearing your diaper but your best pants!

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    If im trying to cry at will i have to work at it a bit. It takes me about 5 mins before you start seeing tears. Its kinda a mind thing i do, dont really know how to explain it for you. Try to think of something sad but not something that would get you emotional if you get to emotional it could ruin your ageplay.

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    I've never been able to make myself cry - but I found when I was regressed and leaked in the middle of the night, I was brought to tears! I guess when you're truly in the mindset it can just naturally happen.

    If you are trying to cry so that you can then regress, probably best thing is as said above; think of terribly emotional things - family loss etc. I guess.

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    I used to be able to. But now I can't!! I need to try again during the next time I'm regressing.

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    I sometimes wish I had the ability to cry. I haven't cried once in the last 15 years, even when I've tried. Even the toughest emotional situations haven't caused it, nor at the birth of my children (I hear that's common).

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    I have been working on controlling my emotions more and can pretty much cry if I need to and stay stoic if I don't. I haven't really had the chance to regress that much but when I do it's usually when i'm relaxing about to go to bed so no real need to cry then. The last time I think I cried was when my dog died. Crying is a response to something that makes you sad, uncomfortable, upset, angry even. Don't try to force it or you will just feel to fake. When your in the mindset and the time is right you will cry

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