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    Hey all!

    I'm Mike. I had an account here previously but I lost the login info and started this one. I am an AB/DL, and now due to injuries sustained in a car wreck, somewhat incon too. I'm glad I was AB/DL beforehand as it's made it a TON easier to deal with.

    I live in the Bay Area, I like to write and hike. I also like sitting on the beach a lot too. I can't wait to contribute some stories and chat with many of you. Looking forward to it!

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    Hey... welcome back. You may want to email (moo at adisc dot org) because this account will probably get closed. If you email him, he can help you get the old one straightened out.

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    Hey, thanks. I emailed him.

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    no problem! You are like the 15th intro i have seen since the big PW reset that started out like that. And they have all been closed.

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    Hi Mortega,
    and welcome tothe group (again),
    I'm IC and have been a long time, so if you ever need a shoulder or an ear, I usually have one spare, as Iknow how much it can impact your daily life.

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    Thanks. It's been tough and hard getting used to.

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    I know what you mean, I'm in the process of being re-assessed for different protection as there have been some changes in my volume and force, as in I flood everytime I wet. What didn't help was them sending out a continence nurse that looked about 12 (I'm male and 56) talk about embarrassment, although she was very proffessional and she didn't object to me calling disposable adult slips (nappies). Slips!" please, if it looks like a nappy, you wear it like a nappy and you use it the same way a baby uses a nappy, chances are it's a nappy, get over it! SLIPS BAH!

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    Haha. Kind of like how they are "briefs" here.

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