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    I was supposes to be on Woodward ave for the cruise this week(all week) but i spun a rod bearing which put me down for a while. Went there Wednesday for the day. At bed time i put my diaper on and now worn none stop since.
    This is the first time i have wore one this long. Was out in the garage working on the motor with a big cup of coffee in the morning so filled the first diaper up but i did bring a change out there. Just shut the big door and changed it there. Then by 2:30 started drinking beer that one was getting real soaked. By 5:30 the wife wants to to take the family out to eat. (i still have three sons at home all 21 and older)
    So i pulled that one off and throw it in the trash can and headed to the house to take a shower. Then i put on a dry 24/7 and went to the steak house.
    Having consumed about 5 beers i am peeing like crazy. I order a beer to start with and the wife says should have more and i leaned over and told her its OK i have a diaper on and boy was i using it. Went through that one by the time i got home then i put on a Molicare Super Plus drank one more beer and some water and went through that one. Then back to a dry 24/7 for bed. Woke a couple of time and peed that one. Now its morning time and i am sitting here in a Molicare Super Air Active much thinner for walking around in and not being noticed. Now i wont be out of a diaper till tomorrow. I will be heading back to Woodward in the morning.
    Have to say i kinda like it. Sorry if i got a little long i don't post much.

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    Well if you drink beer you will pee a lot it's the same with me. Two cans of stella and i am pee like nobodys buisness.

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    Well, good for you, I hope you had fun. It's pretty rare for me to be wearing due to my family always being present and the fact that I still keep it a secret, so I have a chance to wear maybe once or twice per months.

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    Thanks it still is fun. I don't no who Moo is but it would not let me open a chat windows.

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