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    Hello everyone!

    Im new to the Ab/dl lifestyle, ive been in it for about a year. I currently live in Big Island in Hawai'i but i will be shortly moving to Las Vegas. I'm more of the DL side but im looking forward to exploring the AB side more. I think i would be more of a pre-teen/teenager roleplayer.

    [Removed] Im also looking forward to talking to other ABDL, participial ones that are gay (like myself)
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    See... I was confused. I could not figure out if you were saying Aloha (Hello) or Aloha (Goodbye)... LOL

    Welcome to Adisc! I know you are just looking to make connections and that is great, but just to give you a heads up... Adisc is not meant for looking for 'meet-ups'. But you can definitely find some great friends here, even if you're not trying to.

    What other interests besides being a DL and possible AB do you have? We talk about more than diaper stuff here.

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