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Thread: PS Elements 6 uninstall problem

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    Default PS Elements 6 uninstall problem

    Well, I was in CCleaner's uninstall menu, and I pressed delete and without reading the dialog (thought it would warn me of uninstalling a program), I deleted the uninstall registry key.

    Ok, fine, it was a key that was deleted, all I have to do is restore my system to an earlier point...Tried and failed.

    Next thing: Find the uninstaller in the program folder...Well, Adobe seems to be the only company who makes things THIS difficult (takes an hour to install/uninstall ANYTHING)...There is no uninstall application.

    Well, fine. There has to be something on their support site, right? Nope. Only stuff for Vista/Mac is useful (and I am using XP)...

    ****. Can any one figure out how I can uninstall this program? I tried Google, and found nothing. Someone please help...please?

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    Can you manually remove all the files and registry entries yourself?

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    Try re-installing the program, it should re-install the registry key along with the rest of the files.

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    I removed everything related, I did a search and deleted stuff, then went into regedit and searched everywhere. Still nothing.

    I tried to reinstall the program, but it won't let me. I can't reinstall, the installer won't work

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