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Thread: A mocking song my family has

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    Default A mocking song my family has

    My family sings this song to children who are whining

    "Cry baby, cry baby, suck your thumb. Wash it off with bubble gum."

    It's pretty rude to sing that in my opinion. It's not funny. It's cruel to sensitive people. Have you ever heard this? What's your opinion?

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    I think that if that's what they sing, they probably aren't any better than the kid whining. It bothers me that there are some adults who can't be counted on to behave like adults when they need to be.

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    Yea, the last time I heard that song was when I was five. I find it very cruel and ignorant to just make someone feel worst when they are crying.

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    My family says this to anyone who's whining: "Shut the fuck up."

    It's pretty rude to say that. But it's effective!

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