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Thread: A little girl's Take on Being little

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    Default A little girl's Take on Being little

    I began this little blurb when I was filling out the "Personal Space" portion of my profile.

    I like to free-write to stay "in contact" with myself when I'm on work-related trips. I get caught up in my public persona and I begin to lose track of my true self, which ultimately causes me pain. This essay began unexpectedly and turned out to be a very therapeutic piece for me. I hope you enjoy it, and even more, I hope you can relate to it. (I broke it up into smaller paragraphs to make it easier to digest).

    A little girl's Take on Being little.

    Being little is something different to all of us. To those of us who enjoy being little anyway, it's something special.

    For me, it's innocence. It's being nurtured, adored, cuddled, worried about, properly instructed, praised/disciplined appropriately, cherished, appreciated... loved.

    It's many things I can't put into words, mostly because of the intensity with which I find myself regressing regularly. There are no words. There is a wistful sense of wonder; a roller coaster of inexperienced emotions;

    There is a promise that everyday, my little self will learn something new and accomplish a new feat such as counting higher because my blessings abound more and more everyday, coloring brighter in accordance with the evermore beautiful world around me, or learning new words in whichever language Mommy is speaking.

    There is my reliance on Mommy because she's the one. She's the one who makes everything scary in the world go away; the one who sings to me in a language beyond my verbal comprehension, leaving only the tones in her voice as cues to my understanding. She's the one who makes the effort to ensure that when her baby goes ni-ni, all is at peace.

    In the best way possible, everything negative about my life's assumed identity is stripped away and I'm fitted with a tailor-made identity and nicknamed by Mommy's lips. Whether the name is "Little One," "Piglet," "Pretty," "Princess," "Puffy Britches," "Tsaby," or "Stinky"... They all mean the same thing to me. They are all an indication that I'm her special one.

    She knows me better than I know myself and through the ever-growing bond(s) that we share, our friendship intensifies as we each mature in our own way.

    One of the most rewarding aspects of babyhood for me is seeing the smile on her face, the physical reaction that her entire body only semi-consciously displays, the joy in her eyes and knowing that all that happiness comes from something that is bringing me the same kind of happiness.

    I've arrived at the understanding that these are the simplest needs being felt and are reminiscent of the best stages in a person's life, according to their consideration and experience. Being able to dwell in that moment and design it to near- perfection and share it with someone else is very much living a lifelong dream.

    It is life, complete.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Artwork by Mommy Lucia

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    Wow! That was awesome. You just got me tingling and shaking all over... and feeling lonely all at the same time. (I don't have anyone to share my ABness with at the moment... except for ADISC that is.) What you wrote is the complete essence of why I am an AB. Amazing. Like I wrote it myself, only I could never have put it into words like that!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome to ADISC Candi! I can't wait to get to know you better!

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    Oh... and the pic of the Mommy and little girl is just perfect too!

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    That was really touching, and I D'aawwwwed so hard to your pic. I feel like I relate.

    Thanks for making my day.

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    Hi Candi,
    you have just put into words the way I feel about being a baby boy. especially the 2nd little paragraph "For me, it's innocence. It's being nurtured, adored, cuddled, worried about, properly instructed, praised/disciplined appropriately, cherished, appreciated... loved."

    Mommy Lucia's artwork is really good as well please pass on a baby kiss to her for it.

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    Gosh, I can relate so much to this, thank you for sharing, Candi!

    You've really connected (whether intentionally or not) with a theme I really like when I get little. The idea that I don't know everything, that there's still new things to be learnt and experienced, beautiful new sights to be seen. Everything is new when you're very young, and when I feel little I love that sense of wonder even the simplest things can bring. It helps me strip away the things I've 'learned', about acting like a jaded adult. One of the biggest 'sins' in our society is enthusiasm. The 'coolest' kids are the ones who treat most things with a sense of apathy; anything 'corny' or 'sappy' or 'babyish' is to be mocked, anyone who enjoys something 'too much' is a weirdo. Being little helps me to shake off those feelings of being 'uncool' for liking something a lot. When I'm little, I'm slowly learning to not care. I jump up and down and squeal with excitement at a new movie, I openly listen to 'bad' songs and music artists, watch 'terrible' films. Because I enjoy them, and my little side enjoys them.

    Another thing was that untangible, untouchable sense of love I get from Mama and bro. If you've never seen it, you can't understand it, but even when they're doing nothing and I'm just being a little girl, while they watch or sit beside me, I can feel all the love and protection and pride they have at looking after me.

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    I've read this a number of times now and it always makes me smile, thanks so much for sharing Candi, you really are a precious little girl <3

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    That was one of the sweetest and most beautiful things I've ever read on a forum. You captured perfectly the feelings involved in being little. Well done, and thank you for sharing.

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