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Thread: hi from france ;)

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    Default hi from france ;)

    ok, first rule : write an introduction It's quite hard actually.

    I'm french so ... I apologise for my english ! I'm aswell quite autistic boy (AS). I think I'm not the onliest here to have this "weird behavior".

    I'm in AB/DL stuff since my teen years, certainly like all of us. I really don't know why I join ADISC, maybe 'cause google found good answers here ;-) I like stories, and it seems that ADISC have a great library.

    I will not be an overactive member. my condition doesn't help : i need a lots of time to write something you could read.

    "In real life", I'm an IT expert, I help company to get a great internet identity. It's great for me, because that's not realy a job for me : it's what I love to do/think so it's look like an hobby

    I'm open to questions, so if you want ask me something, do it !

    bye bye

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    Bonjour, frencharrow! Bienvenue ADISC! Il est bien de vous rencontrer. Je pense que votre introduction a été bien fait. Vous dites que vous êtes dans l'informatique. Que faites-vous? La programmation informatique? Le matériel informatique? Web design?

    J'espère que vous apprécierez ici ADISC. Je trouve que c'est beaucoup de plaisir à ce jour.

    I'm not that great at French but for the benefit of the other users, this is what I said:

    Hello, frencharrow! Welcome to ADISC! It is nice to meet you. I think your introduction has been done well. You say you are in IT. What do you do? Computer programming? Computer hardware? Web design?

    I hope you enjoy it here at ADISC. I find it to be a lot of fun so far.

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    Bonjour !

    Hope my english is good as your french. I understand it's an english forum, so i'll write in shakespeare language

    what i do in IT ? For years i've build websites and manage hosting farm (*nix only), but from this year, i'm paid to help : I (re)organize company website, facebook, YT channel ... it's less technical, but i earn more $ lol

    thx for your reply,

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    You're welcome. I guess I was looking for more of an excuse to practice French. I think that's some great stuff you do. I'm trying to learn how to do web programming.

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    Hi Frencharrow,
    and welcome to the group, think you are the first french person I've seen on here. Nice introduction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PCBaby View Post
    think you are the first french person I've seen on here. Nice introduction.
    Hi PCBaby

    first french here ? it's a revolution I don't think I'm the only one here, heureusement (fortunately) !
    Thx about the intro, as i said, it's quite hard to write. Even if you are "old" (29 isn't old, is it ?)


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    29 definately isn't old, wait until you are a wrinklycrinkly like me ( old enough to be your father and then some to spare)

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