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    My wife and I just took a weekend away with our youngest (the oldest two, 19 and 20, stayed at home to look after the dogs) and drove from the San Francisco Bay Area down California to spend a day at Legoland with our 7-year old. We took the main highway, I-5, down, and came back on Highway 101 which has more towns and scenic areas.

    What was odd for me was coming back on 101, this was a route we took on a regular basis to go down to visit relatives in the Los Angeles area when I was a younger child. As we passed several places along the route, I recognized stores that have been around for a long time, mainly noting them because we had stopped there during our trek because I was having trouble controlling my bladder so diapers were purchased. I remembered spots like rest areas where I had been changed in the restrooms as a younger child.

    It had been a while since I had driven down that road, and most of the time we had our oldest kids with us and there was constant conversation compared to just our youngest who was engrossed in a DVD. I had time to reflect and remember.

    Anybody else with similar stories?

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    These kind of memories can very strong and very persistent. There are places I have rarely visited since childhood and couldn't navigate around without a map- but some street corners and even some shop fronts (although the businesses have changed) bring back recollections from when I must have bene no older than 5 or 6. When my mother was very old her mind was very poor because of Alzheimers disease. She could not remember things from one minute to the next and could not care for herself - but when I took her for a drive around the part ol London she had lived in as a child she described things over 60 years ago lucidly and as if they had only happened yesterday.

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    Often,I experience this sort of thing (where these old memories resurface)....for some reason,they are almost always the same memories.

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