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Thread: I have some questions for incontinent people

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    Default I have some questions for incontinent people

    Do you always leak when you sleep on your side? Do you use medicines to get rid of the smell? How often do you use "high grade diapers"? Can someone use those and never need to use store bought ones? If you never get rid of a bladder infection, what's the worst that could happen?

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    I am by no means IC nor am I a pro in the medical field but when you say bladder infection, do you mean a UTI. If so, if it continues untreated, it would, as far as a I recall, make its way up to the kidneys and make you even more sick, and presumely kill you if it persists after that.

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    I am IC and I do sleep on my side. The chances of leaking are greater when on ones side, but this does not mean leaks are inevitable - I am not sure what you mean by "High grade diapers" - some you can buy in store are high quality and high absorbtion/capacity. Of course some brands are easier to source on line but as much as brand it is the size and capacity that you need to get right to minimise leakage. I reckon the Tena slips i use are fine, hold well have good leak guards and are not too expensive - there is sometimes a small leak but this can be because I was careless putting the diaper on. I don't quite understand your question about "always using high grade diapers" - I would be in them 24/7 for choice and see no reason not to use them constantly. Bladder infections are hell if not treated promptly- but usually respond well to treatment - I have lost count of hte number of times I have endured 24-48 hours of fuzzy agony from htis cause - but been well again about 12 hours after starting a course of anti-biotics.

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    If you get a bladder infection, it'll eventually move its way up to your kidneys and the risk of renal failure increases significantly. And if you go into renal failure, you could possibly die if you don't get a kidney transplant. That's why it's important for incontinent people to clean up promptly, especially if they're female or have bowel incontinence as well.

    I can't answer the other questions, but I've spent enough time with my head in nursing textbooks to know that UTI's are serious business.

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    By high grade, I mean like abena x plus or dry 24 7. Could I wear those 24 7?(I'm not trying to be incontinent, but I would like to wear those 24 7 when I grow up) I'm gonna get the infection checked out.

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    Both the brands you mention are designed to be worn 24/7 and there is no reason not to do so - as long as they are changed when neccesary (including not being left on for too long even if not "used" for their stated purpose).

    Hope the infection is dealt with soonest.

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    At the first sign of burning urination, one should go out and buy cranberry juice and make a doctors appointment. Cranberry juice is well know help combat urinary infection by raising the PH of your urine, killing any nasties in you bladder.

    I am a side sleeper and have been plagued by leaks in the past. I have resolved this problem by wearing plastic pants over my disposable diaper that has a Huggies overnight size 5 or 6 stuffed inside of it. I also wrap a cloth diaper around my waist, inside the plastic pants, to absorb any leakage from the sides.


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    I will usually sleep on my side and have had leaks even when using higher grade diapers. to combat this I wear plastic pants over the disposable and have a mattress pad that I will sleep on if it gets past that, if you are worried about leaks a lined plastic pant helps a lot. if you are a common side sleeper cloth diapers might be worth a look at as you can customize the diaper to have more padding on the sides.

    as for the UTI cranberry juice and get it taken care of by a doc as stated above its NOT something to mess around with.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I don't have fecal incontinence very often. My urinary incontinence isn't 100%, so I don't usually buy super-capacity diapers. I have a small supply of Abenas for times when I know I will be unable to change my diapers for long periods of time. But my usual diaper is the Attends "breathable" since it's about $0.60/ea for diapers and do absorb a decent amount (much better than Depends or generics).

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    The Cranberry juice tip for combating UTI's (but not as an alternative to seeing a doctor) is a good one, and a lot of people include Cranberry juice in their diet to help combat the onset of UTI's. The thing ot watch out for is the variation of actual cranberry content between different brands of the juice - and it is not always the expensive brands that have the highest concentration of real juice. It really does pay to compare the labels in the store.

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