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Thread: Fursona??

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    Question Fursona??

    A fursona is a character, nearly always an anthropomorphic animal, with which a furry identifies. Each fursona generally has a distinct personality and appearance and is generally owned by a specific furry. It is quite frequent for a furry to have more than one fursona, but in those cases said furry usually has one "main" fursona to which he identifies the most strongly.
    On ADISC I found one of the first mentions of what a Fursona actually was, and i was wondering if there was anywhere I could go to get a better idea of what a normal Fursona contains.

    I'm starting to think I'm a Babyfur, and I've felt like that for a while now. I want to start creating a Fursona for myself, and maybe even eventually get a Drawing of him to use as an Avatar.

    But I was wondering if there were guidelines for making a Fursona? Are there things every Fur puts into their information?

    I'm sorry if my questions seem stupid, but I'm new to this, and I want to make sure i'm doing things right.

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    Theres not really anything specific to having a fursona. Most people start with an animal they feel they connect with, and then just go from there. There really isn't a specific way to do it, no guidelines, and the info on your character (much like the character) is all created by you.

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    There really isn't any right or wrong way to make a fursona. If you want, you can give your fursona a full personality and backstory or you could simply have it be you in furry form; there's no set of rules that fursonas have to adhere to in order to be acceptable.

    And don't worry about sounding stupid; if you're new to something, it's normal to have questions about it.

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    There is a four volume set of encyclopedia on how to do it available at most libraries. Make sure you read the whole thing or you may offend furries around the world by doing something wrong! (JOKING)

    I have been thinking about creating one myself, but i can't pick an animal. I am too ADD to pick one. I want to be a cat/dog/fox/bear/wolf? I think i just created a new breed. It would look a lot cuter than pig/bear/man.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABalex View Post
    It would look a lot cuter than pig/bear/man.
    pig/bear/man sounds epic!

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    Quote Originally Posted by frank5 View Post
    pig/bear/man sounds epic!
    It is off of a south park episodes. Al Gore Invented it!

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    my fursona is feline, it connects to me the most because i am more feline than human in somecases. true dat

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