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Thread: Abena® X-Plus Abri-Form Fitted Briefs

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    Default Abena® X-Plus Abri-Form Fitted Briefs

    what is everybodys opinion on this diaper? how does it compare to the tranquility ATNs? how are the tapes and the fit and the absorbency? or also the Abena Supers

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    The X-Plus, or (size letter)4 as it's now called, is a far superior diaper to the Tranquility, and it's one of the best disposables out there. The tapes have gotten better over the years, and if you press down good on them they'll usually hold up. The fit's one of the best out there, and the absorbency is about as good as you'll find in a disposable.

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    Abena M-4s are the best diaper for the money I've tried that are currently available and I've tried most. It irks me that sellers still call them X-Plus, go to Abena's web sits and you will see no mention of that name. X-plus Abenas are gone! They were different than the M-4s, better and weighed more, came in a different package with different printing on the diaper. (done ranting)

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    I use the M4 and M2 nearly exclusively. Rub the tapes well, they adhere well that way. Never had a tape problem after rubbing them well; without that extra care, I have had tape problems. I'd say 1 diaper in 30, or so, has a quality problem, usually with the tapes. I can't compare this level of quality with other brands, however.

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    Abena is and always will be my favorite diaper Get em!

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    I find these to be the best for the buck. I was a bambino person, now, totally Abena

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    They seem to be the best combination of price, capacity, and daytime comfort. I still prefer bambino overnight though. As several have said above, there's no comparison between X Plus M4's and an ATN. The ATN is good though if you need something thinner. Maybe the M2 and the ATN are a better comparison - I've only tried the 4's though myself.

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    Butterfly Mage


    I'd wear these 24/7 if I could afford to do so. They are the best diapers I've ever worn.

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