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Thread: So what is your perfered outfit?

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    Default So what is your perfered outfit?

    As in what do you want to dress in besides diapers? Granted diapers only is nice to me but I sort of want a romper or a onesie or something like this:
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    Only I want blue overalls and a white shirt I guess.

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    i wouldn't mind getting a onsie , or a kiddie outfit ;tan shorts ,blue top ,nice white hat and a diaper underneath the shorts (had too),white velcro shoes or sandles.

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    I would love overalls, a Tigger shirt, diaper(had to as well), and Velcro shoes. Never been one for hats.

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    i would love to be in a onesie or some shortals but with a short shirt so my diaper would look when i sit. but i love more to be in a shirt and diaper only or a onesie

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    Nothing but! Nothing but a diaper is my prefered mode, likley cause I am way more DL than AB. I get depressed in winter when its too cold and then wear my footies over them.

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    I have a Donald Duck onsie and snap shorts that I love to wear to bed. I've been wearing bib overalls during the winter on Saturdays, but I would love some snaps shortals. Big Baby Boutique hasn't been sewing any in a long long time. The last pair she had, sold for over 200 dollars and that well was well beyond what I wanted to pay.

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    just a medium nostalgic t-shirt of G.I. Joe, Ninja Turtles, or transformers and, of course, a diaper.

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    I usually wear this cotton dress I have that feels babyish to me or sometimes jammies with matching tops and bottoms. When I have the money (and when winter comes) I will hopefully get footed pjs to wear with a diaper

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    Honestly, I feel the most childlike in just a diaper and a t-shirt. :3 Most likely a video game t-shirt, or cartoon. >w<

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    While currently, I have nothing, but I would like: Footie's over a diaper, Onesie (where would you get ones that are not for babys anyways?) with a diaper, or a little kids outfit. or until i move out, just a diaper and shirt+paci would do

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