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    I picked up a Fisher Price Deluxe Jumperoo the other day. Why? Well my sucker light must have been on and for $10.00 what to heck.

    Got it home and set it up and then I sat on it thinking that would be the end of it. To my surprise it stood up to big baby. The seat was low to the floor but it can be adjusted to a higher level. The next thing to do was to over ride the springs as they went full out to the stops. That was fixed by pulling the cloth stops into the rings that hold the springs and tying them off. So now I am higher off the floor, but still canít get into it.

    Tock the cloth seat off the plastic base of the seat it is held on at eight points. The seams that form the sides of the cloth seat were opened and yes I could pull the seat over the bottom of my top. But I still canít get into the plastic seat !

    This morning wile laying in my crib it came to me! Make the opening in the plastic part of the seat bigger. Off comes the cloth seat out comes the drill and saber saw and go for it. I cut the opening as much as I could and still have part of the ring to hold the cloth seat. Tock some sand paper to clean up the opening Did a test fit with out the seat and it fit. Put the cloth seat and test fit.

    Well I tell you this is great! It is better than I could have imagined and is going to be good fun.

    We are the wet ones.
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    Now all that has to be done is to make it higher and replace the springs with ones that can hand the big baby.

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    That's quite a modification. It would be interesting to see pictures of what the final product looks like.

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    some how i dont think i would fit being a really big Baby but i d like to see yours wink!

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    Here are some photos of the work. In photo one we can see the ring that was cut out. In photo 2 we can see were the sides of seat were opened so baby would fit. Photo 3 shows the tiying of the springs. Photo 4 is the tools of the job.And last baby in the jumperoo.

    One thing I forgot, if are on hard wood floors or the like you need to tie the legs togather or you will break the front legs at there fold point.

    Hope I have not mucked up the photos.

    We are the wet ones.
    Resistance is futile.
    You will be diapered

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    I'm picking up a large quantity of broken links. Try hosting them on Imgur, and the posting the link. It should work then.

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    Now that's what I call determination to get into a baby gear item! Great job with your modification! Yeah, that opening in the plastic is usually the show stopper. Even if you open the leg holes so as to be able to fit down into the cloth seat, your hips are usually too wide to get through that opening in the plastic tray which surrounds it. I had one of the Graco Jumpster doorway bouncy seats with a plastic tray and just couldn't fit through the hole no matter how hard I tried, and cutting it up would have raised questions by other family members. Now I have one of these Lindam doorway bouncers - Lindam door baby bouncer Baby Swings & Door Bouncers money saving special deals at Shopzilla UK - the third one down with yellow seat and blue straps. It's completely open on the sides and resembles an opened diaper with side straps that adjust it to a baby's size. They aren't long enough to go around me, so I just get in it with the straps hanging loose. I hooked it up in the basement and can bounce easy in it with full weight - about 130lbs. So far, it's holding up to my occasional use. I could probably modify the straps to make them longer and make the seat fit snugly around me like it would a baby. I had to buy it off UK ebay because they aren't sold in the US.


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