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Thread: Little to say and even less words to say it with

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    Default Little to say and even less words to say it with

    Hi All,
    Just wanted to say hello to you all. I might have spoken to some of you on irc chat but not posted here before.

    Not a lot to say about myself...
    34 but feel like a two year old.
    I can always be found by smell despite trying my hardest to smell like a rose. I often think that my wet soggy mess around my mid drift makes me smell more like a rose that’s just been marked the property of the local dog community

    *AbSpacey SNIPPED Text*

    I’m not looking for anybody other than friends as I’m lucky enough to have a wonderful lady already. Although, she’s not aware of the damp side of my life. I’ve always been discreet around her.

    Other interest are anything IT related oh and the xbox. Come on November for the next COD Modern warfare. I’d like to say keep fit is another hobby but the only thing I tend to keep fit no a days is my drinking arm
    I also like movies anything from z movies to the common day block busters but i do hate with a passion 3D films but that because they make my little head hurt and the 3d is often a let-down.

    Anyway, thats all i have time for now so i best go change and talk to you all soon.
    By for now.
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    Hi ABspacey,
    welcome to the group, nice intro if a bit too much detail about your nappy. What's a z film? I too hate 3d with a passion. Try chlorophyll tablets for the smell it's supposed to help! Doesn't sitting around in a soiled nappy give you nappy rash or worse? Anyway, back on thread, do you have any other hobbies or interests, favourite music. To get some idea of Adisc is about and what can and can't be done have a look at There is a lot of useful information in there for newmembers.

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    Hi PcBaby,
    Thanks for the welcome.
    Having reread my original post I’ve got to say your right about my post. Just shows I should do more than read something twice… I’ll try three times on this post . I've tried to edit it and remove the Tena references but I’m obviously doing something wrong as the FAQ say’s point at the article title and a pencil will appear allowing you to edit the article but that doesn’t happen in my case. Not sure why my fingers typed that at the time anyway. Can only guess it's because I don’t post on other sites and this was really the first time I’ve come out of my shell and my fingers got carried away. I did reread the rules and hopefully it doesn’t break any.
    As for the z movies reference… sorry I should have been more clear. I was trying to say that I’ll watch any film from “Blockbuster” to “B low budget” movies but of late the “B” movies feel more like “Z” movies as they’ve been exceptional bad
    You also briefly mentioned nappy rash and I’ve got to say that if on the very very rare occasions I do get a little it doesn’t both me. My skin seems very resistant, guess I’m just one of the lucky ones. The other reason I mentionded it was more to see how many other people out there are still in denial about need a larger nappy than what they current ware. I know personally for me I can buy bigger and bigger cloths and still pretend that I’ve not put on weight but the thought of going from medium to large nappies… well just make me wana eat another cake.. Oh maybe that’s my problem

    Music wise I’m very agnostic I’ll listen to anything, a couple of weeks ago I was at an Iron Maiden gig (Rock on!!!) but to reset the balance I listen to my mix of mp3 covering Enya and the shadows. Like I say “Random!!”
    Other stuff I like to do every now and then… would be remote control cars and mixed martial arts but that’s about it. I mostly spend most of my days fulfilling the life of a workaholic.

    Well thats it from me time to see what other posters have to say..
    bye for now

    Ps. Just managed to edit this post. So I'd guess you can only edit them for a few minutes after posting?
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    Hi Again, if you look towards the bottom of your post you should see a pencil icon with edit post next to it. Thanks for the extra info. I tend to use cloth nappies and pants at night and have actually just got up to wash and change ( I have a form of urinary IC), if at home I use small pads supplied by the local continence service, but they are under review atm as I am having major problems with leaks due to some changes and from what has been said it looks like it may be nappies 24/7 although they will supply me with disposable which aren't a lot of good at night if you side sleep, so I shall keep my cloth and pants for night time. Just as a matter of interest where in the UK are you based? I live just outside Cardiff although I am not Welsh, so no shhep jokes thank you

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    Hi again,
    you said "I’ve now started wearing during the day more through peace of mind more than need. Although, it worries me it’s might have some sort of knock on effect.
    Guess the main problem is whilst I’d like to be dry on my terms in the night I’m not really convinced that I want to be. Is that wrong. Anyway yet again of droned on and on. Sorry, for somebody who doesn’t talk about this stuff it seems to poor out on this forum. I’m still to decide if that’s good"

    it's unlikely to have a knock on effect unless you start to deliberately wet yourself and keep that up of about a year, you migh then find you have too re potty train, as for being wet at night, not being convinced is as much as admitting you want to be, but I can't advise on that 1 as I'm IC so don't get a choice in the matter. Not as much fun as those who aren't IC think it is. For some reason, possibly because the site is so well run and reasonable adult, I think a lot of us a lot more then we normally would. It's certainly one of the few sites that I have felt comfortable enough with to tell about some things, but then I get told off for not using paragraphs because it just pours out of me as well some times.
    and we really should consider taking this to another thread.

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    Hey there and welcome.

    I figure PC Baby shouldn't be the only one saying hi to you.
    I also hate 3D movies. I went to see Thor in IMAX 3D and it was a massive headache. It was definitely not worth the 15 dollars, lol.
    I hope you enjoy your time on the site. Feel free to post around and get to know people.

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    I've only seen Avatar in 3D and I enjoyed it, don't remember if I had a headache or not. I hardly go to the theater to watch movies because red box and netflix is simply cheaper and helps manage my enrtertainment expenses. I also don't have cable tv or anything like that.

    Those pills usually have side effects from what I hear.

    Diapers are better anyway

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