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Thread: Best anime ever!

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    Thumbs up Best anime ever!

    I just finished watching the Ga Rei Zero series and i have to say that it IS the best anime i have ever watched!

    Definitely my new favourite anime of all time with out a doubt. It had everything i could of asked for, love, hate, fighting and that little something that makes you feel something inside.

    I also like that they tied off the ending nicely so that there were no loose ends. I wish Yomi didn't have to die but the way it went about it was nice.

    Does Anyone else agree?

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    I've been out of the anime thing for a while, but a couple months back I was stuck staying up all night with my newborn son and checking out netflix. I watched Samuri 7 and thought it was pretty damn good. I like any type of show that can tell a story and then end on it's own terms. Things that go on for years can get old quick, and I don't have the time.

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    I don't agree, I've seen about half of it and just lost interest. As for favorite animes mine are definitely Elfen Lied, Shin Chan (Funimation Dub), and Higurashi: When they Cry.

    I don't watch much anime though; but it's not like Ga Rei Zero was horrible, just not my thing.

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    I respect your honest opinion and am not offended. Everyone has different interests.

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    Best anime ever... Akira... I also enjoy Gundam, and Inuyasha, but by far... Akira is my favorite. I have a copy from long long ago that I will never lend out.

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    I actually haven't watched too many different anime yet, but out of what I've watched my favorite is probably between ouran host club, negima, and soul eater, although there are a couple i am beginning to watch that might go above all of those on my list. I actually have a hard time putting one anime above another, as I've actually only found a couple i couldn't get into. I think i was like 2 of them, but i generally can respect and enjoy any type of anime(this also applies to other things such as music).

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    Well, Im not a big anime-series-fan to be honest, but the best one Ive seen is Samurai Champloo...dont really know why I liked it though ^^

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    my favurate anime is torn between Monster, Hellsing, death note and gunsmith cat

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    IMHO, Akira IS the the best anime ever ... but Akira isn't alone in my hall of fame. There is (the first) Ghost in The Shell (with a damned good music) ! About (tv)anime, i love Guyver (but there is only one season ...) and Full Metal Alchimist.
    About tv anime, how do you watch them ? in japanese with subtitles like I do, or in English version ?

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    I well all whas be a dragon ball z fan. I still have all my toys t shirts and cards.

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