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Thread: Can't wait!!!

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    Default Can't wait!!!

    So, in about an hour my mon is going out to watch a movie with my two sisters. She said I could come and she would give me some money to walk around and shop with I decided I would get myself a paci with it. Do you think it's a good idea.

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    Your Mom will ask you what you bought...Better have something you can show her.

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    Any time a parent offers money for shopping, they'll typically want to see what you've bought. So I agree with Silverleaf - bad idea sorry.

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    I would just say I bought candy and ate it myself, given the same situation.

    But this is still a bad idea.

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    If you think the benefits outweigh the risks, go for it; just be mindful of the potential consequences.

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    That depends... what film will you be missing? :P

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    I missed the new smurfs but I didn't want to see it anyway and I did what lories said and just said I bought drinks. I found somewhere to hide them but cant find the keys to relock it

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    You found somewhere to hide... them? Your new pacifiers, presumably? But you cannot find the keys to relock ... something. A car?

    I'm rather confused here. Perhaps some pronouns ought to be replaced with nouns?

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    I just found the keys to it, it's a safe that looks like a book and then I'm keeping it under a load of stuff I don't use any more I hid the two keys I different places. And whats a pronoun/noun I forgot. I don't do literature much I just draw my feelings(badly)

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    i would go with the plan and say i bought some sweets and drinks of which i finished ,just make sure you can keep it hidden ,=D goodluck.

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