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Thread: We're Related!!

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    Default We're Related!!

    So i found out the true identity of countryboy95 on here (we met online via another dl site) and it turns out he is my 2nd cousin!! but sadly he is ill in the hospital so please pray for him. thanks.

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    and you didn't know? That's funny and cool at the same time. I will definitely be praying.

    (fyi, this may be in the wrong forum since it has nothing to do with diapers, but is a great story.)

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    You had me at pray, my friend. He'll be in our thoughts for sure.

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    What are the odds?!? But i hope he gets better soon.

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    im sry to hear that (the sick part) i give him my prayers and i hope he gets better soon. let us no how he is and if you plan on meeting up once he's better

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    I wish him well, I would pray but I'm an atheist so it would be against my non-beliefs.

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    Praying... NOW!

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    dang thats crazy!! He will be in my prayers :]

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    Wow that's cool, have you ever met in person at like a family reunion or something? And I'm sorry that he's sick I will pray for him, hope he gets well soon!

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    Awesome! I've been finding that having another ABDL in your family is not as rare as I thought since I discovered my own brother last year!

    Shame your cousin is sick though.

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