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Thread: I'm Back. Not that you care.

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    Post I'm Back. Not that you care.

    Hi everyone. I was ThuggLite before the reset, but my old email is broken so I have to start over. To be far I didn't have that much going on in my last profile so it's best not cry over spilled milk. I was too shy as ThuggLite anyway, that's why I added the 'Not that you care.' bit in the title.

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    Well, I can care! Let's be friends. :3 Tell us about you?

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    I think CuddlyMonster is a better name. Welcome back. I hope adisc will be a better experience for you.

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    You just reminded me why this sit is awesome. Made a topic and got a reply in 5 minutes.

    Right, a bit more about me. uhm. I from PA USA. I'm 23. I still live with my mom.(Just as puthetic as it sounds.) I try to be funny, with mix results. I have Aspurgers, I had a proper test for it when I was 16. I'll try not to bring it up every other ****ing post. Feel free to point it out if I fail at that. I'm also trying to be a stand up comic. Witch is hard to do in bumbfudge no where.

    I'm single. Heterosexual most of the time, but I'll admit that I can get a little queer at times. (I have a HUGE crush on Bruno Mars.) I say that because saying I'm Bi leaves a bad tast in my mouth.

    I don't know where or when I started to like diapers. All I know is that I once shoplifted a pack of baby diaper when I was in middle school. Now that is a long and painful story I'll tell some other time. Although I am smiling typing this out.

    The big thing I want to get out of this site is a reminder that even though I like something that some people might find 'weird' or 'screwed up.' (and lets be frank, it kinda is.) I'm not the only one, and some people who are into it are, dare I say it, normal.

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    Thank Dogboy. I was thinking about "Maggie and the furoshish (sp) beast and it just came to me. Also for some reason my PS3 will not let me edit my post. Witch is why I'm committing the deadly sin of double posting.

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    Okay, Now it wouldn't let me edit. This is going to be really embarrassing, really quick.

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    blah blah blah blah blah

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    Oh I see how this works now. Cool.

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    welcome back jack

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    it feels good to hear from another person with Aspergers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ABalex View Post
    Just so. Glad to see you back but you need to get that original account back in order and it shouldn't be rocket science.

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