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Thread: Where should I order from?

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    Default Where should I order from?

    I'm planning on ordering diapers soon and I'm still having a bit of a hard time deciding what to get. In my experience, I've tried Abena Abri-form M4's they were a little big on me (the top tapes would almost touch each other), but they were just dreamy. Other than that I haven't really had any top of the line diaper. I ordered those Abenas from just because they have some pretty good deals and had a promotion for free 2-day shipping when I bought them.

    Now I also want to try ABU Cushies, SDK, or the new BMX, but each product seems to be borderline with my waist size (32"), but in any case I know where to order those. Cushies and SDK come minimally at 32" waist size, but does that mean the top tapes are going to touch (I kinda don't like that)? And the BMX diapers - they come in either small or large, no medium, but the small size maxes at 30" which is under my size.

    I'm also considering Abena Abri-forms. I want to try the small size, but I don't know if I'd just waste my money on those because they might be too small and uncomfortable (also not as thick and absorbent as medium).

    Admittedly I have tried Molicare normal or something medium sized that I bought from a medical supply store. I don't know if they were the best thing that Molicare offers, but they had tears in the back of the diaper that caused major leaks. So I either don't want to go there again, or give it another shot - but Molicares are kinda expensive.

    Okay, to break it down this is what I'm looking for (by priority):
    • Something thick
    • Worth the money spent
    • Absorbent
    • Sold in packs - not cases
    • Plastic Cover
    • "Cloth-Like" only if it is top of the line absorbent (only because I might consider wearing 24/7 under clothes and want to be very discreet about it)
    • Cute (baby-like if you will, but mind you it is lowest on the priority list)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abdljosh View Post
    Okay, to break it down this is what I'm looking for (by priority):
    • Something thick
    • Worth the money spent
    • Absorbent
    • Sold in packs - not cases
    • Plastic Cover
    • "Cloth-Like" only if it is top of the line absorbent (only because I might consider wearing 24/7 under clothes and want to be very discreet about it)
    • Cute (baby-like if you will, but mind you it is lowest on the priority list)
    You obviously know what you're looking for in regards to details. XP Medical has a beautifully designed chart to show you quality stats about each diaper they offer (which is like a million the last time I counted). You can purchase them in all sizes and choose between samples, packs, and cases (which are free to ship). Although, they don't offer cute, I will say.
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    all the points on your list until the last one are fairly easy to come by. Abena Abriform for example, Depend Fitted Max, Dry247, those are commonly considered among the thickest. The fourth being Bambino, and that fits the babyish theme better than the rest. Price on 247, Abena, and Bambino are going to be about $1.60/ea by the case. Higher by the bag or two bags etc. I'm not sure on Depend pricing, not bought those in quantity. Generally "you get what you pay for", so premium diapers are going to run around $1.50-$2/piece when bought in bags. Be suspicious of anything cheaper, it'll be thinner and lower quality.

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    XPMedical for ordering, hands down, and I pretty much always go for the Abena X-Plus. I look for the same sort of criteria that you do, and these are the best I've found for me.

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    Okay after reviewing XP medical I've come down to a few selections:
    Abena Abri-form M4
    Abena Abri-form M3
    Abena Abri-form S4

    In my head I'm thinking of comparisons between the following:
    M4 vs. M3 - obviously less absorbent, but how are the differences in discreetness? Is it significantly less thick, or does it even matter? Is one more form fitting or are they about the same?
    M4 vs. S4 - okay so obviously there's a size difference but I'm pretty much borderline between the 2 sizes (32" or 31" somewhere around there). Obviously there's also an absorbency difference, but are smalls going to fit a lot better? Will they be more discreet?

    I'm seriously considering getting M4's again just because I know I love them, but I'm really in the mood just to try something new. Decisions, decisions.

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    I have both M4's and M2's, so i could give you an idea.

    In terms of fit, they are the same. In terms of thickness, an M2 virtually disappears under slightly loose clothing, where an M4 takes more effort to conceal. There is a page on xpmedical that shows the thicknesses compared. (The M3's are ~ 3/4 the thickness of M4's) The M2 is obviously less absorbent, but was a bit surprising for its thin appearance.

    I think if you're considering something that is almost as thick as an M4, you might as well just get an M4. I've never really had a problem hiding them under loose jeans.

    I've never tried the small size, but I've read somewhere (maybe xpmedical?) that if you are close to the borderline of one size vs another, go with the bigger size. I am about your waist size, and my M4's tapes are about an inch apart in the front, but that has never caused any sort of a leaking or comfort issue for me.

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    Order from XP medical, they are based in California, so you should receive your package in 2-3 days. Also don't fear the crinkle get yourself some Dry 24/7's for when discretion isn't a factor, they are my favorite. But that's just the AB in me...and that may not be your cup of tea.

    Good luck with your ordering.

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    I used to have problems ordering from ABU (as many others did) but lately they've been OK. I got a sample pack of the BMX and they're too small for me (as I figured they would be, but I wanted to see them anyway) but not by much. I'm a 34" waist so you may just barely squeeze into them but yeah I can see how 32" in general is kind of a borderline waist size and makes it somewhat of a pain to buy. Too bad they're not doing small Bambinos these days (last I checked) since they were slightly bigger so would probably fit OK for you I'd guess.

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    Thanks for the input guys I went ahead and did a little homework on XP Medical and yes it seems it will take 2-3 days at the most for my delivery to come. I already went ahead and placed my order of M4s last night so hopefully they'll be here by Friday (assuming they place and ship the order today (Wednesday)).

    I haven't got a tracking number yet and that kind of worries me especially since I would really like to know when they arrive. I've heard cases where they wont even send you the tracking number until days after your package arrives. If that's the case I'm just going to have to look for my mail in a more paranoid state of mind.

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    The last shipment i got from them took 2 1/2 days.

    I ordered wednesday night, and my packages arrived Saturday afternoon, and i live in CT.

    You should receive them by Friday.

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