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    My boyfriend did try wearing diapers although I'm suppose to be the one in it. However, he finds that he gets an erection easily in them and naturally the tightness of the diaper doesn't amke it any less comfortable.

    Any boys experienced this? How do you cope?

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    Loosen the diaper if it's got re-adjustable tapes. Otherwise, anticipate you'll get an erection whilst wearing the diaper, so don't do it up so tight when you first tape it on!

    Edit: I read that totally wrong.

    Forget me >_<

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    i think it is the softness of the diaper makes him auroused i think about it and get slightly... u no,

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    Default ok

    So anyway stop counter it?

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    If you are saying what I think you are then no. Have him wear a lot, and he will get used to it.

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    Well I still get a erection when putting on my diapers too. I think its just a natural reaction for this to happen sometimes.

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    Eventually he'll probably get used to them, and won't be as horny when being in them

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