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    Just kidding, I do not really talk like that. That was an attention grabber

    Anyways, my name is Joey, I am 16 years old and from KY. Currently a Jumore (junior taking a couple of sophomore classes(until the 3rd trimester, then I'll be a full junior)) in highschool. I am also gay :3.

    Uhm, I've been into diapers for roughly 1 1/2 to 2 years. Maybe longer and just thought I was weird or something (I mean, I wasn't comfortable to myself about being gay until freshman year when I came out. Maybe it's because I had self-esteem issues? IDK, )

    Other than diapers and the such, I love to play games especially zombie games and shoot 'em ups. I like the survival part of it, so much fun and so rewarding when you get a head shot or something of similar nature. I also LOVE piercings/tattoos. I currently have 3 piercings (Left ear gauged with 2 holes, a 4 on the top and 0 on the bottom) and my tongue. Hoping to get my septum, industrial, eyebrow, lip, tragus (the little thing that sticks out at the opening of your ear), nipples (me and my best friend are going to get them done together ) and a neck surface piercing. Tattoos? IDK yet, but I got some ideas.

    I am a very random, geeky, and in general fun to be around person (P.S. you will see me use :3 and :P emoticon alot. they are my fav. :P)

    That's basically me, and I'm glad to be here

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    Sorry, I meant to type this in when I was typing that there above (if anyone knows how to edit, can you please tell me? )

    My username means something to me. It's part of the final lyrics for Blood on the Dance Floor's song "You dun goofed"

    "When you're standing in the rain,
    And it seems like the world is trying to bring you down,
    One love,
    One heart,

    I love it because it is so true in my opinion. Please no "oh dear, they're songs are all about sex and such" Yes, some are. but listen to the ones with the new(est) singer, Jayy von Monroe. That's when the bands views changed. Now they are about Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. though they occaisnally throw in a sex lyric or a bad song (bad as in not for young people), it still has a deeper meaning in the song. their entire new CD is devoted to self help. Like Happy Violentines day, it's saying "It's ok to be a little weird. We all are" (yes this is actually in the booklet, not my interpretation of the song.) and bewitched is just adorable, and the songs are all great (if youn like techno,screamo, check them out )

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    hi one love,
    welcome to the group, a very nicely written intro. If you want any more info on the way things Adisc does things then check out

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    Hi welcome to ADISC , really impressive intro.

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    I honestly thought it was too lengthy my self O.o guess not? :P

    Quote Originally Posted by babyricky11 View Post
    Hi welcome to ADISC , really impressive intro.
    your avatar looks surprisingly familiar... I'm wanting to say DBZ, but i'm doubting that's it. it seems more recently that I've seen it...

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    Thought it was just "'sup", Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad) style

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