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Thread: Running a server off of RAMdisk?

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    Default Running a server off of RAMdisk?

    I am thinking of putting my minecraft server on it's computer's ram as a ramdisk, though am not entirely sure I want to. It has 4GB of DDR2 RAM, so I am not sure if I should leave it on it's SSD, or move it to the RAMdisk.
    I can't upgrade the ram any further, it is maxed out.

    I also am thinking of putting Ubuntu on it, mostly for a lower resource usage. It runs V****, and I am not proud of it at all...

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    4GB is pushing it for a practical RAMdisk. Unless your SSD is hideously cripped by stuttering (early JMicron controllers, I'm looking at you!), is there really much of an advantage? Just how much traffic is it handling?

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    the SSD i am using is like one of the first ones ever put on the market. As for the size of the server itself, it only really takes up about 150MB, but I never used ramdisk, so I really wouldn't know

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