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Thread: What the world looks like when you are two

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    Default What the world looks like when you are two

    A cute video I found on Reddit of a childs-eye view from a headcam.

    What does being two look like? - YouTube

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    Aww thats kinda cute, and interesting.

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    Meh. It's mostly outside and even as a adult the world is still massive at times.


    (It's also the world's largest where's waldo, maybe.)

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    Interesting, although the camera is quite a bit above her eyes, so it isn't truly throughout the eyes of a 2 year-old.

    Sorry, I'm just feeling like being a pedant! ;P

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    Kind of cute.

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    Very cool, and very cute.

    I was taking notes on the way the toddler walked, moved, and reacted to different things. Might come in handy one day!

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    Heh, the uses for a GoPro camera...

    I've seen one get stolen by birds while it was running, and a friend of my dads drove over ours while offroading. Not so much as a scratch after we dug it up.

    More on topic, I thought that was cute. I forgot what it was like to look up at people being so damn tall...

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    Wait, they actually put a camera on an actual toddler's head? That's pretty awesome, though I must admit I thought it was fake all along. o.o

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    Interesting video, loved the top comments on there as well.

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