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Thread: The joy.

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    Default The joy.

    Apparently I am "recently joined" again, recent 3-year anniversary aside. I should imagine--and hope--that this status will revert back to pre-password-reset times as the forum sees that, yes, I've become active again.

    I'm looking forward to ridding my screen of the Post-It(tm)-yellow notice. I'm also looking forward to our 2010 member awards.

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    Hi, h3g3l. Welcome to ADISC. What are your other interests and .... just kidding. Everything should sort it's self out shortly. All jokes aside, I do want to say, I am glad to see you are back.

    Edit : See? Fixed already.

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    Well I thought you were gone for good.

    Sorry I dropped you in the great friend purge now.

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    Hmm. No more gold text? : /

    Ah, it's because I'm apparently only 80% awesome this past year and haven't yet met the +10 mark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Khaymen View Post
    Well I thought you were gone for good.

    Sorry I dropped you in the great friend purge now.
    : / I was wondering what had happened. Sad-face.

    Make that, "waiting for our 2011 member awards" in the OP. 2010 awards have actually happened.

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    Haha...yes, will you stop telling us how you like to wear diapers and elucidate on your hobbies, musical tastes, favorite teams, cell phone brand, heart rate, and more, oh so much more! Rest assured, I'll be in touch, but on a day where I'm not about to pass out from too much work. Good to have you back my friend.

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    There was some sort of security kerfuffle a couple weeks ago. Moo handled it, but we all had to change passwords and start over briefly. I'm sure you'll be reset to your previous status shortly. Not to worry.

    Ahhh. I should have looked at the numbers. It appears you are as awesome as ever. whether that be 8%, 80%, or 800%
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    Hey H3g3l

    It's nice to have you back. We haven't talked in forever. Feel free to drop me a PM. I hope all has been well~!

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    Welcome back h3g3l, after my absence I wondered where you've gone.

    The 2010 member awards happened back around April, but if you start posting again like you used to, I'm sure you'll be back up in those noticeable names in time for the 2011 ones. I'll bet you'll have your gold name back in a a few weeks as well.

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