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    Hello everyone. Like many of you I have been hiding in the shadows a bit to see what is going on and this website it is clearly full of clear thinking people and useful members of society who just also happen to like wearing diapers. It looked good, so here I am.
    I am 31 yrs old and a life long diaper lover. I am from the UK but have lived and worked all over the world in the last 10 years. I want to be a member of this community because whilst they are important to me, diapers do not rule my life. I have family, friends, a good career and interest that keep me happy and busy 99.9% of the time. I just want to be able to discuss all parts of life in a mature and realistic way.
    My work is pretty busy but when I do get time I really enjoy travel, especially visiting cities and I have recently taken up drawing. I am currently plotting how to get a job abroad again for a few years.
    I am in a long term relationship and have a child. One of the main reasons for joining this site was to see how others have juggled the family commitments and the ‘other stuff’.
    Take care.

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    hi there, it can be difficult to juggle with family life. My frustration comes from a lack of opportunity to wear nappies in relaxed atmosphere, ideally with another AB or Daddy. You travel offers opportunity, in my experience business travel tends to leave one with some boring downtime, deal to hook up with local Ab scene. Unfortunately many fetish clubs are seedy palces as opposed to a large country house when one can stroll around (or crawl) in peace in nappy and onsie!!

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    Hi globetrotter,
    welcome to the group, it's nice to see another UK member sign up, nice intro, but how about a little more of 'you' as in hobbies and interests, taste in music, literature that sort of thing. Also it's always worth cheking out as there is a load of useful information contained in them.

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