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    Simple question here to you all,

    Who do you go to when you want to get your system repaired?

    As for me I go to Videogame911, they are awesome they fixed up my PS3 good as new because it had the YLOD (Yellow Light of Death or Yellow Light Of Doom.)
    Also it wasn't very expensive at all. So go ahead and post the places you go to get your system fixed.

    Also the reason being why I go to VG911 is because you don't have to wait 4-6 weeks for your system to get checked by the company only to tell you that it will cost you 100,000 dollars and the return shipping will be another 800 (I'm joking about the prices.) But yeah check them out.

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    I've only had to have one system repaired, and i just took it apart, took the board out, had my father bring it to work, he got a favor from one of the "soldering girls" in his department, they took it off, he copied the e-prom, (one of the pins somehow snapped off causing the problem so he just put an alligator clip on there) and he had them solder the new one on. This was back in 2005 on my *gasp* N64, which I still enjoy playing. Luckily my Xbox is still running strong though.

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    I go to my basement, where I've repaired my 360s for my wife and son (I don't play the silly things). There's enough video instructions out there that it wasn't hard.

    I'm apalled that someone would sell a system so poorly designed that virtually every box they've made ultimately overheats and fails.

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    I enjoy the challenge of doing these things myself, so quite simply put, if something of mine fails I will take it apart, find out what, order it off eBay and figure out how to fix it myself

    I do this with almost anything that possibly can be repaired, not just with my electronics equipment

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