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Thread: Diapers Brought up in random Conversation at work

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    Default Diapers Brought up in random Conversation at work

    Alright so check this out,

    I was at work one day and I was with some friends just chatting about nothing to particular and I saw this little Angry Birds Plushie on the counter so I tossed it over to a cart with returns in it and landed right into a babies car seat and I made the comment "Hey look it's a baby Angry Bird." So right then one of my friends started talking about grown old men and them wearing diapers, sleeping in cribs and stuff. Then a girl that was standing there (She also worked there) made a remark saying something about a friend having that "Fetish" as well and she thought it was disgusting and creepy too.
    I really wanted to say something to defend the ABDL community right then and there but I really did not want them finding out that I was into it as well.

    Thought I would share that with all of you today.

    If you ever had these kinds of experiences happen to you at home, work or school or just anywhere post a reply and tell us what happened.

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    I was out camping this weekend with the guys, we were around the fire and the conversation started out about spills or something when working on vehicles (its an off-road club), my dad speaks up about how my moms a nurse and brought home these bed pads for incontinence that work great for spills. One of the other guys says "yeah, also great if you don't want to get up when it's cold." We laughed a bit, and then my dad says "Oh no, we gotta get you some of the big boy diapers for that" more laughing, and the guy then says that (jokingly) that's a fetish of his. He starts talking about how he wants the soother and the big boy diapers, all that stuff. The guys thought it was hilarious, I thought it was funny that I was actually into it. It was probably funnier for me anyways...

    It spawned more jokes about how the autumn trip will involve adult diapers, it was pretty funny. I could have really fueled the jokes farther but I didn't think of it at the time. There's always those moments you with you could go back and say something else...

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