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Thread: Hardstyle for cubs ; Soft bottoms, hard beats.

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    Wink Hardstyle for cubs ; Soft bottoms, hard beats.

    Hey there, Off-topic!

    I think this is the correct place to post this kind of thing;

    This genre came to me through a few different veins of interest. Like many things in life, sometimes you want more. More ketchup, more sunshine, more pounding kick-drum.

    Romantically linked to Hardstyle for the foreseeable future. I've fallen in love it with simply because for distance jogging, its one of the most motivating genres I've come across. So my question is,

    Anyone here interested in HardStyle?

    If you don't know what sub-genre of electronic music this is would you be interested? Think of hard-as-nails northern European winters and the techiest-trance. Example below.

    Wasted Penguinz - Anxiety - YouTube

    I chose that example because its very trance-genre friendly. Happy uplighting progressions and monster synths but with a much harder edge. Sounds like I'm describing wine a little...

    I've also semi-recently found a fantastic Hard Style Podcast that keeps my jogging playlist alive. If anyone is more curious about the genre. Fausto is the go-to! Link to the podcast here,

    Q-dance: Fausto's Crossover - Download gratis podcastafleveringen van Fausto op iTunes.

    I've been eager to find some diaper-friends to be bouncy about the heavy stuff with since finding interest in the genre.

    Thanks for reading!


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    UK Hardcore
    and Freeform Hardcore

    Faster, Bouncier, and it gives you that happy childish feeling
    Scooter & Breeze - Nessaja (Clubland X-Treme Hardcore 7) - YouTube

    This is what i listen to when doing a fast run
    music power.wmv - YouTube

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    Ah, Hardstyle! Haven't listened to it for a while! I really liked the Wasted Penguinz one, Puffcub.

    This one is by far my favorite:

    Griffin Project - Speaking Italian - Youtube

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    Nice ones, dude!

    I can definitely get the kidlike quality of the music. Fun stuff

    The hardest I go in that area is stuff like DJ Proteus who spun a sped up version of Lab 4 - Requiem (The Metatron remix) - YouTube in his DJ Proteus - Hard NRG 7 The Hellfire Club

    So you're a sprinter eh?

    ---------- Post added at 23:24 ---------- Previous post was at 23:19 ----------

    WOW That song is FLIPPIN SWEET!! *bounces!!*

    Thank you so much for sharing and glad you liked my suggestion!

    Love the icon XD

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    Aw yeah, Hardstyle is right up my alley! I'm not much of a runner, but hardstyle is the best kind of driving music hands down; nothing like speeding down the highway while blasting it at full volume! It's also hella fun to dance to .

    If I had to pick an all time favorite song, it would have to be this one:
    ShowTek- Colors of the Harder Style - YouTube

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