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Thread: Advice needed on next move.

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    Default Advice needed on next move.

    Yep, it's that time of year again! Apologies for the giant wall of text, I can't separate lines on this phone. Here's the situation: my dad hates me. Eh, nothing new. It's not a huge surprise. However, I am nearing the age of consent, the age where I can legally do-whatever-and-pay-for-myself. Now, my dad has always told my sister and I that "he can't wait" until we turned 18 and move out. Well, my dad and I had an argument ther other day (couldn't post-no internet) and he was putting some uneeded pressure on me. He went from "I wish I could start all over again with a new family" to "FUCK YOURSELF, GO FUCK YOURSELF!" within a short period of time. Literally, that's what he started yelling at me. I told him I was a little depressed (to be honest...for the past couple years, but only slightly) and he rambles as usual with his ass taking over his thoughts and voice box. Now, here is the kicker: I cannot move with my aunt anymore. I know she will send me back. I want complete independence from my family, but...

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    (had to break this into two) before you even say.."you'll miss them". To put it bluntly, I don't give a damn about them. My dad is basically the ruling dictator with all his little 'minions' he plays with like as if they're flippin' toys and controls them. No, my mom doesn't have a say. I can't move in with relatives either, they will try to send me back. But I need to finish high school. Thoughts?

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    Hmm your still at homeyes? Stick it out untill your done with highschool. Make a plan on what to do after while at home so you have to look forward to

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    As Orcaway said, start making a plan of action now and once you finish high-school, you'll then be able to leave almost immediately because you will know exactly what you want to do. For example, try to find an apartment with low rent (despite how bat it may be, it sounds like it will still be better than your house), a job in order to pay for said apartment and anything else you can think of. Remember, it doesn't even have to be in the same city as the one you live if you can drive or get public transport like trains there then all you need to do is have everything booked and ready to leave.

    As long as you have a plan of action you have something to look forward to and therefore you have a hope, a thought of something better.

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    Must have a plan! But don't get hung up on having everything your way right now. Shredder92 is right, I think, any apartment ( and your own space) is better than nothing. Take a risk and go out on your own as soon as you can but with 2 words of caution. First think through your plan of a action for thingsnot going well, money etc, so that if it happens you are prepared. And second, make abig effort with your folks, they are the only ones you have and at di e point they must have loved you a lot and vice versa, even Ic it has gone sour now. You will find that living away will give you a new perspective and new lease of life, use it responsibly! Just look at my home town; London on tbd last weeks. These are kids without any sense of their respondibilty to others. Be the bigger man with your father and don't get dragged into fighting, it will do no good in the long run. Good luck.

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    Like the 3 before me said: get a plan together. If you go out the instant it becomes available, you'll end up going nowhere fast.

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    Rough it out until you're done with school, then honestly I would try to get into collage with dormatorys or on campus apartments. The job market is terrible right now, so it's going to be very hard to simply "get a job and then an apartment." Specially with most jobs available being minimum wage retail jobs (which if you're depressed is NOT a good way to go) But I do agree with everyone here in that you need some sort of plan of action before ya do anything, don't just rush into something because it sounds flawless at the time.

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    I suppose you could use Job-seekers allowance to obtain some money (bare in mind you have to actually provide proof that you are looking for a job, not just using them to gain free money), with the money I believe you can spend it on anything you wish. In your situation, an apartment/rented. But as the others have said, be sure to have a plan! - 'Do I really want to do this?' 'Where will I move to (apartment/rented accommodation)?' - Then there's other things to consider: How much will all this cost? - I might get lonely? - all questions I would ask myself before going through with this.

    On another note you dad sounds exactly like mine. A dictator. Luckily for me I don't see that asshole anymore and don't want to. Ever! - I know how it feels to have someone constantly moaning/judging you. I just ignored it and live with my mum now. Life is going alright at the moment.

    Are there any friends you can rely on (move in with)? I mean, just for a short-period whilst you get your thoughts properly sorted/action plan created. Perhaps it will take away the stress of living at home?

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    If there is a community college in your area, I would pay them a visit. Right now, our CC is teaching things like welding and other skills which can pay well. So does brick laying, tile, etc. Construction will return to the U. S. You can go to college on a Pell Grant, so you don't have to have money.

    I also must agree with globetrotter. Don't engage your father in his stupid arguments. Actually, by not arguing, you take away any satisfaction he gets from making your life miserable.

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    I would like to give you a possible plan to consider as a way to get out of your parents house quick and not have to worry much about finances, that would be to join the military, of course this is only a suggestion(do keep in mind that there are many military jobs that don't require combat(navy and air force have a lot of such jobs, but a lot these jobs often require brain power), but this is based off the u.s. military so if your not American it may be different).

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    Sorry for not checking back. Here's a 'lil something: My dad has pretty much kicked me out, I am no longer home as much. He plans to move or sell my stuff and rent out the rooms, same goes to my sister. Apparently, my uncle who lives right across the street from the school, has offered to take me in, but I am unsure due to the close relationship he and my dad have.

    Lastly, I will be joining the military out of high school. I don't want to, but there seems to not be many other options. I thank you all for the advice, but it seems I really can't do as much as I thought I could. I am not allowed a job application at the moment.

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