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    Default Incontinent ,D L , Sissy , and new here

    Hello ! I would like to introduce myself , with a touch of my History .
    I was a bedwetter until I was 14 . I was introduced to crossdressing courtesy of my parents idea of punishment . It soon became fun , and I missed my diapers and plastic panties . Eventually I thought I had outgrown this , but it returned . I had bought nice lingerie for my new wife , but I eventually ended up wearing them . I bought some really pretty lingerie . About my return to diapers , believe it or not , thanx to the V A in Illinois . In 1984 I was introduced to Attends diapers . Like many I tried to give up , or get rid of my " stuff " . I finally realised that this really was part of me . I really enjoyed it too . Soon Billie was here to stay . I have had many and varied experiences in some 60 plus years . I am still learning . Thanks for reading this if you would like to learn more about " Billie " contact me .
    Meanwhile Sweet Dreams - - - Billie

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    Hi, billie. Welcome to ADISC. Life is a strange sort of roller-coaster ride, all kinds of ups, and downs, and unusual turns. It seems that, like many of us, you have experienced a number of these twists and turns in your life. It also sounds like you have come to accept yourself for who and what you are, this 'self-acceptance' is, perhaps, the biggest hurdle to overcome. There are a fair few here who are still coming to terms with these aspects of their lives. As a member of this Support Community, your input may prove to be a valuable resource for helping those who are still trying to figure out how to fit their 'little-self' into the rest of their life. Anyway, I am sure you will enjoy the time you spend here, and I look forward to reading your posts. Take care, and have fun exploring the marvels and mysteries of the place called ADISC.

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    Hi Billie,
    and welcome aboard, nice history but what about your non sissy side, things like your hobbies and other interests, work, family. If you want ideas then look at as there is an introduction template as well as loads of useful information for new members. By the way how did your wife react when you wore the lingerie you had bought for her?

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