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    I recently graduated and received my B.S. from the college of technology with concentration in construction management. I have very little experience in my field mostly because to pay for school, I bartended which didn't allow for an internship. Though, during my college career; I worked 40 hrs a week and took 18 credit hrs of classes and maintained a 3.2 GPA. You would think that would help me out. Anyways, I have been full force looking for a job by searching entry-level positions. I have been applying in many states and finding call backs to be very minamil. I've been calling the companies to check up on the status of my resume and seems to get me no where. I'm currently living in my alma mater town and bartending while making awesome money. I have been bartending/serving for 8 years and I'm burnt out and desperately wanting to start my career. My brother, who is a rheumatologist in a big city about 2 hrs south of me, wants me to move down in September and start networking with contractors.

    Any thoughts about getting my foot in the door? I'm willing to relocate for a couple of years to get experience then decide where I want to end up. I've had many people look over my resume and my cover letter so I feel that is pretty solid. Any hr out there willing to help me out with some tips?

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    Sorry not in construction, where I work we need engineers, toolmakers, machinists, diesetters and mechanics.

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    I'm in my senior year of college now trying to get a BS degree in Electrical Engineering with an emphasis in power and renewable energy. I've been trying to get a job relating to my field since I started college. The past two years, I'd apply to about at least 10 different companies for summer internships and I got denied every time since I had no experience in my field yet. This past summer, I got a last minute email from a company needing interns to help put solar panels on Boeing's roof, so I sent an email back and was hired on the spot pretty much without applying or anything. They were so desperate for people that they didn't even care to see a resume or cover letter or anything from me. That was just an opportunity that just fell into my lap unexpectedly and now I have experience and a possible job with that company once I graduate next year.

    It definitely helps though that our college has a career center where you can go to them if you want to apply for a job and they'll bring the interviewer right to the college to meet and interview you. They also will help you find a job up to a year after you graduate too.

    Oh, btw, the company that hired me on for the summer was Baker Renewable Energy. They've just started to take off in the roofing/renewable business and they're based out of Raleigh. I worked with many people with a wide variety of degrees from mechanical engineering to electrical to business to construction management and they have BIG projects coming up, so it might not hurt to apply there, or at least get your feet wet for a while so you can have something decent for your resume, b/c yea, that's definitely what companies want is experience, but it's hard to get a job if they aren't willing to even consider you

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