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Thread: Most Memorable/Interesting Paranoid Moment?

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    Default Most Memorable/Interesting Paranoid Moment?

    I'm guessing there are more than a few posts on the paranoia we seem to all experience as *b/dl's here but I thought I'd start this post and ask about the most interesting or memorable moment of paranoia you might have had. I'll offer one first to illustrate what I mean. Please bear with me as I just came up from a sugar low by the way.

    Anyway, while probably not the most interesting it was memorable for me: I remember, especially when I was a teenager, having to answer the phone when diapered. Anytime the phone rang, my immediate reaction was to take off the diaper, put my pants back on and then answer the phone. At the time, I felt silly for answering the phone in diapers but also, in the back of my mind, I might have had the irrational feeling that the other person on the line would certainly know I was wearing.

    Ironically, having those experiences helped me get over most if not all of the paranoia I had as a *b/dl. Obviously, no one could see me so I ended up laughing about it. Nowadays, I have no problem answering the phone while padded and even wet.

    Maybe what I'm really trying to ask is if any of you had some similar experience in *b/dl paranoia that helped you cope with your fears in the end.

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    It's not reallt paranoia but I did have one minor incident.

    My dad was dropping me off at my mom's house in Oregon one summer and when me and him were saying our goodbye's he was like remember to change your and got lost in a haze or something stupid like that. Then my mom tries to finish the sentence by saying, "what, change his diapers?" Both of them already knew full well I was a TB.

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    That must've been awkward. o.O Speaking of which, I used to always shift uncomfortably at the mention of diapers. For the longest time, I could never use the word myself.

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    About a week or so ago, I went into a CVS to pickup some Depend Maximum's (IDK why, in hind sight) and some Johnson's baby lotion.

    When i went to the counter, the little old lady said, to my surprise. "Someone needs Diapers!" ......... I now realize at that point, i should have said something like... "No, i've got plenty, just wanted to see how much better Abena's really are." Strangely, she was under the impression that these were baby diapers.... She mentioned how surprised i would be at how many guys "have" to come out for late "diaper runs" At that, I had a good internal chuckle, and wondered how many of them might be members....

    Although i wasn't embarrassed, i got a heck of a laugh out of it!

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    One day, I was happily walking around the backyard wearing nothing but a T-shirt and a soaked and messy Depend Max Protection.

    All of the sudden heard my dad's car pull up into the driveway. I then realized my pants were indoors. I then had to find my pants and put them on without my dad seeing me.

    Once I got my pants on, my dad asked,
    "What the hell were you doing back there? And what is that awful stench?"
    I meekly replied, "Oh, nothing much."

    Finally, I sprinted to the bathroom, changed out of my wet and poopy diaper, and hopped into the shower.

    This is how my my dad got me ultra paranoid and put an end to my padded fun that day.

    Another awkward/paranoid diaper moment:
    I was in full TB mode, fully regressed, when all of the sudden, I get a phone call from a friend.

    I spit out my pacifier and say, "Hello."
    He asks me if I can look up some cheat codes for a video game he is having trouble beating.
    I look up the cheat codes via Google, recite them to my friend, then say bye and tell him to have a nice day and to enjoy his game.

    I hang up, put my pacifier back in my mouth, and return to regressing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MusicalKid View Post
    I used to always shift uncomfortably at the mention of diapers. For the longest time, I could never use the word myself.
    I always walk out of the Room during commercial breaks to avoid watching any diaper commercial that might come on lol

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    I used to have Fridays off, while my wife worked and the kids were at school. I would use the time to clean and vacuum the house, and also to be diapered. At that time, before I was on the internet, I bought cloth baby diapers and Gerber toddler sized plastic pants. I had a good time sticking two pre-folded diapers into a flat baby diaper, pinning the flat diaper on, followed by the plastic pants.

    As a side note, a tree had gone down in my neighbor's yard, falling into my yard. I was completely regressed, quite wet and the knock comes to the door. Of course, it's a bunch of hard core tree trimming men. Even though I have now pulled a pair of jeans over the diapers it seems like they are looking right through my clothes and staring at my diapers. I felt very paranoid as I'm saying, yeah, go ahead and cut up the tree. Now I don't feel free to walk abound the house in just my diaper and a t-shirt, so the moment has been entirely ruined.

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    I guess I was scared to even look up anything online relating to ABDLs because I thought I was the only one out there who had this sick problem. But then my senior year of high school, I just randomly worked up courage to look up this and found out about ABDLs and Infantilism and then diaperspace and I finally realized I wasn't alone, so I didn't hate myself as much anymore and was able to cope with myself by talking to others

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    I think almost everyone has had a few moments of panic. I'm having difficulty remembering too many specific incidents but I know there have been a number, such as buying from the store in my home town where there is a higher risk of running into someone I know. The other day I bought a case and a half of Depend briefs really cheap from a thrift store during my lunch hour and left the box in the back of my car while at work. I thought I turned the word "Depend" facing away from the windows, plus my windows are tinted and you couldn't even see the box through them at the time I parked, but later that afternoon the sun was fully on my car and as I walked up to it after work I could easily see the Depend logo staring up at me. That didn't really induce panic though. I work in a small office and only one person had left before me and I don't think she even knows what my car looks like.

    I think I've had a couple cases of massive diaper failure while in somewhat public locations and that can always be a little panic inducing. Remember not to wear disposable underwear inside out!

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