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Thread: Need help getting a PO Box

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    Default Need help getting a PO Box

    So I'm really desperate to get my hands on Abena again (haven't had them in since March), but I can't just have them delivered to my door. So, the one solution that comes to mind is getting a PO Box, but I'm a bit confused about it.

    So far I've only really seen that USPS offers PO Box usage, but you have to designate what size box you want. Now thinking back to my last order of diapers (2 14 packs of abena M4s + 40 pack boosters) the box was just huge, even big enough for me to play inside. Well the Post office offers a largest size of 22.5"x12"x14.75" - its quite expensive and not all locations offer it. Most locations offer only 11"x11"x14.75", but that doesn't seem nearly adequate to the even a single pack of diapers.

    So I need some help here, is there a way to get the post office to hold packages even if they don't fit in the box? Is there anyway to avoid the package being delivered to my door?

    Also, I'm still very unclear about this, but UPS and FedEx seem to offer similar services but you have to call and let them know you will pick the package up at the office... it all just seems so unorganized and risky. Is there a better more conformed way to go about these delivery options?

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    I don't know about FedEx or UPS but back when I had a PO box for the same reason you'd like to have one, I just got a small box. You certainly can receive bigger packages at your PO box but they hold it for you so you'd have to ask for your package at the desk. The only problem I ran into while using a PO box was that UPS and FedEx tended to not do delivery with PO boxes. So, any time that I ordered a bag of Secure X-Plus, I had to select the Priority Mail option which cost me quite a bit of extra change. That was then in like 2006 if I remember correctly. But, the UPS Store seems to offer something with a bit more features.

    Mailbox & Postal Services FAQ

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    ABDLJosh: Good question!
    MusicalKid Thanks for your answer. I have been wondering the same thing, but never got around to asking.

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    if theres a ups store near you that has their version of p.o. boxes its much better. you can recieve ups/fedex/usps to them. just like with post office, if something doesnt fit inside the box they just hold on to it for you til you come for it.

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    Excellent! I have many USPS and UPS locations around me, unfortunately only 1 FedEx, but it seemed to me like FedEx was always the more expensive way to ship. I will look into both, but if I don't need a specific size, then I'll inevitably go with the cheaper option.

    However, I'm still unclear about which shipping method is cheaper. Just to verify, any carrier can deliver packages to a UPS office, but the price varies between delivering to PO Boxes rather than home addresses per carrier? (Sorry if that's bad grammar, I'm not even sure how to word it)

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    Yes, I have a small PO Box, they hold the large packages in the back and put a slip in telling me to pick them up at the counter. That can be a tad embaressing if the shipper is not descreat. Most free shipping is Fed-EX and will not be sent to a PO Box. You will have to pay extra for USPS shipping in most cases unless it is sample size packages. The added cost is not too much for the added convenance and security.

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    If you get something too big for your PO box they'll hold it and put a slip in your box to come get it at the window (in some cases they may have some larger parcel boxes that your package will be in and they stick the key in your box).

    USPS will not accept UPS or FEDEX.

    The UPS Store as mentioned will accept mail, FEDEX, and UPS deliveries (probably others as well). I have one. They just send me an email when I have a package and I can come get it. FEDEX won't accept UPS delvieries at their (Kinkos) PMB locations.

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    You are better to get a box at a non-usps location. Fedex and ups will not deliver to a po box. I use a place called pak-mail, they are a chain, but are individually owned. Included in my mailbox rent... They sign for all packages and call me, free faxing, free shredding... Heck once he even took payment from a dj customer a put it in my box.

    Your address will look like a street address with a "PMB, suite, or #" which looks more legit than PO box

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    They will deliver to PO boxes despite what they say I had them delivered to box# just on the form it says company make up one an they will deliver also the best box location is a nondescript pack ship place mine would accept ups fffedex or USPS or and other delivery co and they were also the cheapest I could find the smallest box was 27$ for 8 months +3$ for the key

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    Update: I went with UPS, they are a bit more expensive than USPS, but you can go ahead and go with the smallest box size, and they will hold bigger packages behind the counter for you. The office I went to has 24 accessibility so they also gave me a key to their store and they even said I could go ahead and receive packages from their box as long they leave the key to it in my box.

    The fact that its not exactly a PO box, but rather acts as a mailing address, makes shipping simpler - and hopefully cheaper per purchase.

    Now I'm kinda excited I want to try it out and order something already

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