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Thread: my wife finely got her dream job.

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    Default my wife finely got her dream job.

    for as long as we bin to gather My wife wonted to open up a daycare but it not a easy thing to do apparently. with or credit score being as it is no bank would gave us a lawn. so she did the neacs bast thing she got a job at a daycare. the pay is OK a little moor than her old job and she so happy.
    she just love to be around kids so much some times I think that's why she marred me LOL.

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    Congrats on the new job. Hope it sticks for a while. With things being as they are, she should consider herself lucky to have found that job.

    Now please; and I truly wish this to be conveyed as constructively as possible; take a few vocational classes that would help to improve your spelling and grammar skills. I have noticed that people don't really like your posts because they are hard to read due to really poor spelling. I'm sorry to have to say that, but I believe you will be a much more well received member if you can improve your spelling skills.

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    Congrats, I hope it goes as well as she hopes! In fact, one could argue a job at daycare could be more fulfilling than owning a daycare centre; no day to day business worries!

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    My sister too, works at a daycare, which helps her with daycare for my niece, who is only a year old; and I know my sister loves kids. My siser for years wanted her own child and I think working at a daycare was good for her too.

    Good luck to your wife at her new job, and I hope she is happy with it.


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    thank you. I'll mack shore to tall my wife of your support.
    Entity I am tacking a class for my spelling but thank you for your concern.

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