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    Hi I'm Steffy, 18 from the UK. Basically I'm wearing diapers mainly whne I play tie up games with my boyfriend because I pee too often. I've been wearing various Tena brands now, but wondering if I should try others (that aren't too obvious under short skirts)!!!

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    Hi welcome, I am not to sure about your question. Hope you find a good place on this site and our Wiki might be able to anwser your question. Have a good time here!

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    Welcome Steffychun.

    I sincerely hope that you enjoy your time here. Since the rope stuff is not our main focus, more tact is required to avoid disturbing anyone. Please read through the *B/DL and bondage thread and the Why bondage thread, both found in the Adult Baby forum. This will give you a better idea what is acceptable to include in a post. The diaper thread is mostly reserved for diaper discussion. The Teen Baby section is intended for younger or less experienced discussion. These topics commonly include getting diapers for the first time or hiding them from parents. The adult baby thread is for situations invoving more adult topics such as college, roomates, etc. However, this entire site is frequented by teens. All posts should be PG13 or cleaner. The wiki and chat are also excellent resources at your disposal.

    I see that you have posted 4 times already, all dealing with rope and diapers. Please join us in some other discussions and let us get to know you better. I promise we don't bite...much.

    Again, I welcome you and look forward to seing you around. Oh, you are not the only one here with interests in being tied up and diapered. My interests in both started about age 7. They have been stuck together ever since.

    Have fun and good luck!

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    ^^^ I bite... But dont mind me, I'm just evil! Mwahahahaha!
    *Bite!* how come your ages dont match up in the post and under your avatar? *Chomp!*
    See? Nice job on the posts, I'm sick of seeing people with 1 post complaining about the site rules and stuff! So stay active =]

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremiah View Post
    Welcome Steffychun.
    I. I promise we don't bite...much.
    Have fun and good luck!
    although i must warn you to beware of
    A, flying shuriken/arrows/magical fireballs/bullets/ and other forum members
    B, as resident alchemist and mad scientist be careful of any test tubes lyng arond the place. i cant gurentee whatll hippen if the contents get on you, also beware of explosions coming from experiments gone pear shaped.

    have a nice day...

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