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Thread: New to the site and am looking to become active

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    Default New to the site and am looking to become active

    Well, I have been an ab/dl since as long as I can remember. Almost 10 years ago... wow I didnt realize how long its been, I discovered I was not alone via the internet. I am now in my early 20's and just found this website. I really liked browsing the forums and the conversation but had no idea this place existed. The admin and users should advertise a little for the site haha. Anyways I have had many different experiences relating to this, including being caught when I was younger by my parents all the way to telling my girlfriend about my interests as well. I hope to share some wisdom that I have learned with some of the people struggling with this issue, as well as learn a lot from the more experienced people.


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    Welcome to the site rob!! I think we could advertise but that might just lead to people trolling all over the site. But it's great you found us so what do you like to for fun?

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    Hello, and welcome Rob! This site is wonderfull for getting and sharing experience, I'm sure you'll fit right in!

    Why Don't you tell us a little about yourself? Maybe some of your none AB/DL interests, to help us get to know you!

    Welcome again to adisc!

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    Well I work quite a bit in a higher profile job so discretion is one of my top priorities. With that comes crazy hours of work and what not, but I love what I do (military related) so its worth it. I absolutely can't get enough of college football and some other sports stuff. As for the generic music stuff, I am into just about everything except classical (except for studying) and really soft R&B. I love southern food, especially Cajun cuisine, but being from TX there is nothing better then a nice steak, cold beer and good friends. I really enjoy gaming, Xbox and computer as well. I also have a girlfriend that I recently discussed my ab/dl interests and she took it quite well, though after some experimenting, she prefers to let me do my own thing and not get involved :/.

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    Hi Rob,
    and welcome aboard - (please excuse me while I beat Malix to death with his own arm, Tried shooting him, but he's got back up again). Seriously, this is a great group and I'm really glad I found it, so jump right in, find a couple of forums you like and start talking to people.

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