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Thread: My First Time Buying Diapers

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    Default My First Time Buying Diapers

    I wasn't sure if I should post this in my blog or make a topic about it. Anyway....

    So, a week ago, I was down the shore with family. And one day, I went to this little grocery store with mom and I spied some Pampers size 6 diapers while we were there. And I thought they might have something bigger. So, I made a note to come back there. It was within walking distance, unlike any of the stores near me at home.

    So a few days later I took my backpack and walked down to the store. Went straight to the diaper aisle and looked at the selection. Well, they didn't have Goodnites or Pampers Underjams. They didn't even have Pull-Ups. <_< I didn't really think Pampers size 6 would fit me, but I bought them anyway just to see if they would and I didn't walk all the way to the store to buy nothing. I was super nervous, but I bought it. Everyone was like staring at me, but it was probably my imagination. o.o; And I practically ran out of the store after paying. <.< I just couldn't help myself. Luckily the Pampers do just BARELY fit. It's kind of tight, but not too uncomfortable. ^_^ Anyway, just thought I'd share that.

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    Congrats! It is so Nerve racking the first time but it dose get easier. Have w/ them!!

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    Congrats! The first time is always the hardest. I haven't bought any in a year and now my best friend lives next door so I gotta be extra careful now

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    Well done! If you are like me then you will eventually learn to love the thrill of buying. Just try not to be paranoid - it shows through body language.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mzkkbprmt View Post
    Well done! If you are like me then you will eventually learn to love the thrill of buying.

    Well put! I went on a buying rampage last Saturday, almost as fun as wearing em. I might post about that later in the week...

    Maverick, congrats! Pampers hold more than some store brand adult diapers. You can make extenders out of used "velcro" parts so they fit better.

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    Congratulations! There certainly is a certain thrill that comes with buying them. I can't say that it gets easier, because I've only had a chance to buy diapers on a couple occasions.

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