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Thread: Ebay?

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    Default Ebay?

    Anybody have any experience buying diapers on ebay? I'm looking at a pack of classic Goodnites, but can't quite move on them. (My current living situation prevents me from doing anything.) Anyways, good idea? Bad idea?

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    I've never bought online because of my situation (only 16 and living with my parents). But if you are desperate to order online, just go to the post office and buy a P.O. box. Then you can send it there.

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    ebays good you do have to ask for it to be descrete if you want it shipped/packaged discretly ,i got myself 2 packs of drynites for a fiver and asked for descrete packaging , i suggest you to do that if you want to buy and maybe rent a p.o. box like extrathick said and ask for descrete packaging.

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    Unless you can reason out how to deal with the "parent factor" here, then it obviously doesn't much matter whether you're ordering from eBay or some other online retailer. I bought some vintage Pampers on eBay back when I was in college and had an easier time saying, "None of your business!!" The transaction went well, although I doubt if I'd do it now (family doesn't know). FedEx offers a "Hold at FedEx Location" service where you just receive a notification by email to come and fetch your package. I've several times been tempted to try that. Of course, if you are not near enough to a FedEx distribution center to get there via whatever your current mode of transportation is, then that obviously wouldn't help much!

    EDIT: Somehow misread your original post as having to do with snoopy parents. Don't know where I got that from! If parents aren't an issue, disregard most of what I said!


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    It's not so much the parent issue, it's the roommate issue. Great bunch of guys, but a little too curious for me.

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    Your profile does not give your age but if 18 plus go for the PO Box, I've had mine 30 years now and no regrets. As to trusting ebay sellers I buy a lot of DL and "normal" stuff, even a roll-off wrecker and only got stiffed once on a $10 camera part from Hong Kong. Check to see they take a payment method you are good with and will ship USPS if you go with the box.

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    I have bought from eBay too, and have not had many problems. Most shippers advertise "discrete packaging." Ask for it if they don't offer. Another thing to watch is their feedback record; don't use a seller who isn't at or near 100% positive feedback. You can also click on the feedback listing for the seller and read all the comments. This is a pretty good guide.

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    I frequently buy diapers on eBay, and have never had a problem.

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    I can reccomend FuuBuu/nicediaper on that site. I've bought a couple of things from them and the service is fast, the packing discrete and the prices quite reasonable if you are able to put in a good bid at the end of the auction with mad ninja skills.

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    Ebay are great. I bought off them on two seperate occaions and recieved my orders the next day. As I'm with my parents I make sure the delivery is 1-2 days and that they're going away for a week

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