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    Welcome! How about telling us more about yourself like interests?

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    Welcome to Adisc, it's not a bad place. Tell us a little more about yourself though?. Don't be afraid, we won't bite.

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    Well you said hi... Twice... What is your buisness here? O_o

    Tell me now!

    I'm sorry I'm so rude today, I just feel so... evil...
    but once I take a chill pill and get some sleep, I will be all cool B)

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Default me

    I can remember the first time I wanted to wear dippers I was in kindergarten and while we were to be taking a nap I saw my teacher diapering one of my classmates and I wish it was me. years later I found fictionmania and have been in to dippers ever since .

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    Sounds like a great bit of support for the "trigger event" theory about ABDLism, eh?

    Welcome to ADISC, hope you have a great time here. Think you could tell us a little about yourself other than just ABDL stuff? Certainly you have an undiapered life as well. Got any hobbies, or anything? I know it might feel a little uncomfortable talking about yourself IRL but really we're just a group of really friendly, accepting people with one thing in common: diapers. We like to talk about other stuff too, you know


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    Hi May -

    You're late, it's September already!

    Welcome...back anyway.


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