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Thread: C-secs

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    Default C-secs

    I was a cesarean section. My mom got in a car accident and injured her pelvis, and couldn't give birth normally. I'm assuming the incision came from the inside with a katana.

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    <3 this thread.

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    I come to this forum every day so I can see epic threads in the making, like this one .

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    i was born normally but i was too big and ripped my mothers colon and i had to be aided by a vacuum. when i was in the birth canal my right hip was crushed and it caused legg calve perthes.

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    I was a natural birth. My mother was 41 at the time. My sister was born 21 months after me. She was a natural birth too. Of course this was in 1958 and 1960 ,and I think they did not do as many C-Sections back then. But for the fun of it I always tell people that I was hatched ,and my mother had to sit on me for 9 months.

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    I was born naturally as were my 6 siblings and my own 2 children. My grandbaby was a Caesarean tho'!

    Oh 'n for the've got the wrong Shakespearean play/crazy was JULIUS CAESAR not MacBeth who was born by Caesarean-section. (hence the name of the procedure)

    Oh 'n I can kick both Caesar's @$$ and MacBeth's! :p

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