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Thread: New goodnites?

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    Default New goodnites?

    Is there any word when or if there is going to be a new line of goodnites?

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    That's news to me.

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    It seems like they change the design every year or so. But the current designs on it are fine and I hope they stay the same for a long time. If they do end up creating a different design though, they should keep the current designs and add the new designs along with it because I love the prints on the current goodnites.

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    When they first introduced prints on goodnites, they got new designs about every september. Then in spring of 2009 they changed the packaging and got a new print. After a year of that print they changed the packaging again, this time only slightly, but did not change the print on the goodnites. They are still running that print now after almost a year and a half. It is therefore possible to assume goodnites might be going back to their old ways of new prints in the fall and they will be getting a new print in the next few months. It is however possible that they might also wait till spring or even keep this design until further notice.

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    Don't get your hopes up on this, but I have a feeling they'll be changing designs (or something) towards the end of the year. I was in a Giant Eagle not long ago, and found a bunch of $2.50 off coupons where the Goodnites were shelved. The coupon expires 9/30/11 and it's marked "Manufacturer coupon" and doesn't mention Giant Eagle anywhere on it.

    Now this could be nothing - maybe a routine period of coupons or general marketing for Kimberly-Clark - but I've always known KC to be rather stingy with their coupons. With the exception of their online coupon printer (which doesn't work for me), you can't usually get more than $1 off. Last big coupon like that I had ($2) expired the same time last year, and it was for the boxers. If anyone is interested in the possibility of a new design, I'd keep an eye out for new versions this fall or winter. In the meantime keep your eyes peeled for coupons or sales in grocery stores, but be generous since there are families out there with kids who need them and could really use the break.

    I just hope they aren't getting rid of the L/XL size, since they seem to be marketing to younger children as of late...

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    Wink New Goodnites End of Aug 2011 " there here"

    Well there here " so far the stores have the small med on the shelf with new graphics" so cute. Very diaper like" more like underjams" the xl with be coming out this month well see how it go's. The boys have monster trucks and stars all over the on the butt the girls have a monkey on the front and on the back stars. they have 2 other imiges but i did not look closely. Cant wate! but as i said they look more like a pamper now than any thing.

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    Default New Goodnites are here!2011 fall

    Guess what there comming, the new goodnites. I went to the store today and they had replaced the old S-M goodnites with new one's. Im just wating for the L-XL. The boys in the s-m have monster trucks and another print the girls a monkey on the front and some other. I did not flip to find out. They look way more like a diaper now, like papmers. withs stars on the back all over the diaper. The graphics are all over the pant rather than one on the front. Cant wate to get my hands on these cool new babyish goodnites. Who new! they may be listening! Making it more like a diaper.

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    Cant wait, good news is im almost out. Im probaby gonna try girls this time.

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