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Thread: Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

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    Exclamation Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

    Well as announced yesterday by Valve there will be a new Counter Strike coming in 2012 and you can even search it in the store so... anyone excited by it?.

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    Well theres not much info on it. Anyways I got CS:S but I only really used it as texture packs for Garrys Mod.

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    Hells yeah. Saw 'bout this the other day and I started to get pumped.
    CS:S and the original CS are favorites of mine, and generally anything released by Valve is pretty nice. Can't wait :3

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    I never really enjoyed CS:S, so like Fire2box, I was mostly using it for extra Gmod items. I might give the new one a go, but not while it's new and expensive.

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    I might have to get this... I've barely played CS:S... But I was huge into CS:CZ. I was even part of a fun clan. Just tons of mods and stuff. It was great.

    I might pick this up, as I will most likely have a new computer by then.

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    well there is still a year till it's out and hopefully there will be some teasers for CS:GO on the coming months ^^.

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