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    So I had a bed wetting prob till my early teens then stopped for the most part with a few exceptions when I was younger I would wear a diaper to bed no one knew I did it behind my parents back... anyway I have wet them a few times in my sleep I'm now 27 and gave wet the bed twice without one onto since I was a teen I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else I also have come very very close many time and have either woke up right as it started and stopped or right before like I've said in other post I sleep really bad when I'm not wearing and always wake up and check to make sure nothing happened I can't wear them anymore to bed cause of my wife but I just explained this to her recently so we will see what happens. Has any of u wet the fed by accident since being an adult with no known medical issues?

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    Yes during basic training. It was really early in the morning so I got paper towels dried the bed best i could dumped my wet underpants i was sleeping in and made the best bunk I. Have ever made. This was done in the dark.

    There where two people know about that where not so lucky but the teasing did not last long. There was all so the story of some body wetting his pants on parade.

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    In answer to the OP - yes occasional bed wetting was a source of difficulty and embarrassment for many years for me. My wife was marvelous and we just lived with it when it was very occasional - but about 10 years ago day and night control got much less reliable and I have ended up needing to wear protection 24/7. Again we manage and while I would give everything not to be like this, it is not the end of the world. A very difficult issue to discuss with one's partner but the decision about how to cope needs to be a joint one - if at all possible. If you reach agreement and accept that an occasional accident will be "no big deal" you might be able to relax in a way that will lessen the chances of it happening. Above all make sure the mattress is protected and that the problem is localized if it happens - a compromise between wearing a diaper and doing nothing might be to sleep on an absorbent bed pad - there are some that are quite comfortable and one just your side of the bed should greatly reduce the chances of the "flood" reaching your partner and would save the sheets a lot.

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